Exam and Race

As you can see the picture that I share here. This training course kept me occupy from July 2016 till now. The exam is set on this coming Friday. On the same day, we need to submit an assignment too, and the questions are stated as in the white sheet.

I guess after this Friday, I shall have more time to blog and visit your blogs than the past 8 months. So, from today until next Thursday, I shall spend more time to study like April and May always do.

Besides, I have again signed up for the King of Bukit Larut 2017 (KOBL 2017). I have started to run at the actual track for the distance that I have registered myself. Can Yannie retain the position as in KOBL 2015? Yannie tries. Wish me luck, folks! I wrote about KOBL 2015 at here and here.

It is amazing that I enjoy learning new things, improving myself and pursuing my passions. I live my life to its fullest as I always know that life is too short.

I just saved the above picture from my Zumba friend's FB. I joined my Zumba members attending the Chap Goh Meh dinner on the date as printed on the backdrop.  I was pushed to go on stage. Serious! I was dragged by others. I finally couldn't refuse the lady singer's multiple requests for dancing on stage with her.

After the dance, all my buddies came hugging me and said things like...
1. I am proud of you.
2. Proud to be your friend.
3. You are so gutsy.
4. You are very good.
5. Salute you! Yan.
6. You look so cool and you are not having stage fright at all.
7. You are admirable!
8. You handle yourself very well on stage.
9. You got class and manage to dance gracefully.
10. You are sporting.
11. I was so surprised and you were so bold.
12. No worry, you didn't embarrass yourself at all.  Many can dance well, but you are the only one have the courage to go up.

Many shared their thoughts and words in our chat group telling me that they enjoyed watching my unplanned performance. Kakakaka!

I just replied them, "All blame to the alcohol!"  It was rare, therefore I still think that it was not my normal self that evening. In fact, I let my hair down to have beers, laughters, joy and fun with friends on occasions.

Till then and have a nice weekend!


  1. Can see you are really enjoying yourself!! Yes, impromptu is better than planned.. at least don't have to feel the heart pumping whole evening if planned... hahaha..

    1. True, it was rare to be so bold. It was the alcohol giving me the courage, but i did have lots of fun.

  2. Yes, live life to the fullest! I would do the same too, just cast caution to the wind, who cares what people think as long as I'm happy and I'm enjoying myself. It's my life! But of course I'm old and fat now, have to slow down a bit - my heart may not be able to take it. LOL!!!

    Good luck in your exam! All the best!

    1. Thanks for your support, Arthur. Yes, live life to its fullest and live in the present moment are always my favorite quotes.

  3. Nice. You are enjoying your life. How envy. ^^

    Good luck in your exam.

  4. Good luck in your exams and show your kids that we are never too old to learn from cradle to our graves. My wife wants to sign me up to study any course so that my brains won't for & stagnant. Muahahaha
    Hey, I want you to clinch the Queen of Bukit Larut title!!! Do it...! Yannie boleh!

    1. ...My brains won't rot & stagnant....

  5. It has been many years since I last took a Private Course, good luck in your exam.

  6. Go Go Yannie.. You are the great (aiya) sister in my life. Look at your smiling face... so gracefully and feel happy too.

  7. good to see you living life to the fullest! all the best to your exam and KOBL 2017! you are so sporting to have an impromptu dance performance!

  8. It's great that you set to improve yourself by taking the course. Bravo!

  9. I know you la, you always that bold and adventurous one ;)
    Thank God your friend captured that photo of you! Sure a memorable one for you. Everyone must learn how to forget about the stressful work life and have fun!!

  10. hahaha...must enjoy to the max while still young :)