May is nine today

Today is my little May 9 years old birthday. We have celebrated her birthday in advance on weekend.

Look! Her big sister too, stick a post-it marker on the calendar.
April wrote "阿臭生日", we called May as 阿臭(stinky) at home. lol! Because she is very funny and silly at time.

I always want them to get ready their going-to-school stuffs such as handkerchief, underwear, socks and shorts one day before. However, this stinky May would put her 5 days going-to-school stuffs on her study table on the Sunday evening. Faint!
She lines all her stuffs that she is going to use from Monday to Friday on weekends. Should I praise her for getting ready in advance or should I label her as lazy bum?

Just like her big sister, she is doing well in her study so far. I am proud of her.

Besides, she is a sweet, easy-going, and happy girl.

Her favorite food is those spicy noodle soup, such as curry, tomyam, prawn noodles and laksa.

I wish my little May "Happy Birthday! Stay happy and healthy forever."

Her birthday dinner was at Shin Japanese Restaurant, her birthday cake was Fruit Cake from LA Promise. It was just a simple celebration among JAMY. She claimed that she was extremely full after finishing her favorite udon. 


  1. oooh, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to May the 阿臭!! but JAY are so bad to call her 阿臭 leh, that is not a nice nickname lah, Uncle SK would think it's nicer to call her 小臭臭 instead, this one sounds more cute mah, muahahahaha!!

    well well well.. if May has got her uniforms and stuffs enough for one week's supply, then why not prepare them all in advanced?? haha, i would have done so also, rather than to do it every night, i will do it one shot on weekends.. just like if i iron my shirts, i will sekaligus iron two week's supply on one weekend woh.. and so lucky that you have go then 5 sets of uniforms to change everyday?? last time i only have 3 sets leh..

    Yannie is sure very proud of May who is active and performing well in both her academics as well as her other curriculum.. those trophies in the cabinet prove that right??

    simple celebration but i guess that is a very happy one.. there were nice food and May's favorite food to eat until she's so full, there was a beautiful cake, there were JAY to celebrate with May.. Uncle SK sure May was very happy!!! :)

    1. lol! Only Uncle SK recognizes 阿臭 'good practice' ya! I will tell her tonight. Thanks!

  2. Happy Birthday May!

    Your girls are very organised.

  3. Happy Birthday to May girl.. She's so sweet.. And yes, I think May is very smart to get ready her stuffs for 5 days, smart girl !!

  4. For me, i would say should praise her. Wish J would do the same like May.

  5. Happy Birthday May. She has grown up so fast into a pretty girl like her mama.
    I like the way your whole family's bonding and caring for each other always.

    I must congratulate Yannie and Jin Jin for being very good parents! YAM SENG!!!

  6. Happy Belated Birthday to May! Keep up the good work, May! I am with Small Kucing on this. I say praise her for preparing her clothes well in advance. Good job!

  7. Celebrate with our kids while they are still young. When they have grown into an adult, they wouldn't want us to do that anymore. Happy birthday, May!

  8. Belated birthday greetings! You are so blessed to have such a sweet, smart and responsible girl...and not just one but two - you've brought them up really well unlike many kids these days, spoilt brats, all useless. God bless and all the best in the year ahead.

  9. Happy belated birthday to May. Same age with my girl.

    Not bad, she can stand spicy food. My girl? A bit, and she will finish up her water bottle. Lol.

  10. Thank all for your kind wishes on her birthday.

  11. Hi Yan,

    Happy Birthday to May! Wow! I see lots of trophies at the back of her in one of your pictures. No doubt that she is a clever and well organised person. I can see you are so proud of her :D


  12. she is very well prepared, hmm...a very well independent person when she grows up!

  13. Aww...such a big girl already. The kids are growing way too fast.