Merdeka drawing and coloring

In conjunction of Merdeka day, I published two National Day art works of my two daughters. I had forgotten to snap picture of the papers before painting. Now, I only can show you the pictures after painting. Actually all students were given a paper which already had a few objects pre-printed. Students could draw additional things on the paper with their own creativity and imagination. School teachers would then shortlist top ten best drawings from each form to be the winners. They were one of the top ten.
May's drawing

April's drawing
Here I wish everyone Happy Merdeka Holiday, and Happy Birthday to Malaysia.

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Healthy Steamed Bananas Muffin

I made these on my Hari Raya holidays. I personally love these healthy steamed bananas muffins a lot, because it is healthy. My recipe isn’t too sweet, and I add in ovelet and rice flour, the muffin texture is fluffy and soft. When my kitchen has overripe bananas, I will sure remember to use this recipe again. Steamed cake is always easier to prepare than oven baked cake, and it is healthier too.

2 eggs
100g sugar
2 overripe bananas
75g corn oil
130g superfine flour
20g rice flour
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 teaspoon of ovalet
Pinch of salt
Whisk eggs and sugar until pale and foamy. Sift flour, baking powder and salt, set aside. Add in mashed bananas, and ovelet. Gently fold in flour, baking powder and salt. Add in oil alternately.
Prepare steamer, while pouring mixture into cake liners for 90% full. Steam for 15 minutes in high heat.

Very simple recipe, I hope you like it.
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I posted these pictures in my FB on Friday evening, because I need friends' comments to ease my feeling.

We went fetching April and May back from school as usual. While waiting for the bell to ring, I had
some casual chat with a parent, Bell rang, one of May's classmate ran out. I smiled at her, she didn't smile at me.
Then, softly, she spoke to me, "Auntie, I pushed May just now, she fell down. "
Since she admitted to me, so I just asked nicely, "Did her hurt?"
She said, "Hand, a bit ...." Then, she ran to her mum and left.

When I saw May, I was shocked to see her having cotton wool covered up both her knees and also palms. A few of her other classmates were being very busy body to tell me how the girl pushed May from behind when both of them were running to the field.

Back at home, I checked at her. Her watch was broken. My husband reminded me that May needed to skip the Swimming Gala events which included the swimming competition on that Sunday. We had signed her and April up a month ago.

I actually had lost some of my cool and gone into angry mode. I was angry at May for running so wildly. I was even angrier at her classmate. She was so smart to tell me up front. That was why I forgot to give her a stern warning when she told me. May told me that the teacher too didn't punish her, because she was the first one admitting to the teacher her own sin.

The more I think, the more I mad.  The more I see her wound, the more my heart aching.

When anger flare-ups, I lost my calmness. I lectured May whole night, I made her promise not to run again. I got so emotion until I forgot to attend to her wound.

Thank Goodness, my husband was around. He helped May to bath and wash hair, he gave May first-aid on her knees and palms.

While I tried to scare May that her wound may leave scar permanently, he tried to comfort her by saying that his wound was even worse than her when he was young. 

Now, should I go to school to warn her classmate for not  doing "pushing"  again, because this is a very dangerous act? or should I tell the form teacher how I feel about the whole thing? Lastly,  should I confront the parents?

At the mean time, I want to bring them to the Buddhist temple. I hope we can clear all our bad Karma by chanting and donating to charity more . Amitoufo!
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I give you 3 options

Friday evening, Home Tutor was coming over to give the girls tuition. So, we would have 2 hours free from babysitting our two daughters.

I called up him from office,
Wife: "Dear, this evening when the girls are having tuition. What is your plan?"
Husband: "I give you three options."

Woot woot! In my mind, I actually imagined these 3 options.

1. How happy if my Friday evening was spent on shopping together with him!

2. How overwhelm if my Friday evening was to have a fine dining in a posh restaurant with him!

3. How relax if I could lean on him comfortably while watching TV on couch together!
I  back to reality immediately when he said, " My plan is 1st swimming, 2nd gym, and 3red cycling. What is your choice? "  Period.

That is my fitness freak husband.

But, this doesn't make me love him less.
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