Breakfast in a cup

I never really mention about my job transfer.  I have actually transferred to a new setup company 2 months ago. It is owned by the same top management of my previous company.

I am occupied by additional work load. In a very short period, I was expected to master new skills and learn new knowledge from the hand over training one after another. That’s explained why I am so passive in blog sphere.  

Besides, I need to adapt myself to lots of unwritten company policy, such as 5 minutes morning exercise, no lunch at outside, no munching on food in office, and etc.

No munching on food in office!!!???

Yes, the new policy includes no food in the office at any hour.  We are only allowed to have our food at lunch time at inhouse canteen. 

Let me rephrase. We can only drink in the office, but not eat in the office.

I was so used to having my breakfast at my work desk while checking my emails.

Now, I still love to have my breakfast before I start my work in the office.

So, I decide to make my breakfast in a cup, and drink food from my cup. Like this, I can have my breakfast at my work desk while checking my emails.  At the same time, I don’t go against the company policy.  Cleber right? 
Let see what I drink every morning.
4 scoops of organic oatmilk

2 tea spoons of Chia seeds.

Top up with cornflakes that is meant for fitness.

Mix well and drink.
This breakfast in a cup can last me for 3 hours before I need to drink another cup of beverage. When I am busy, it can last me from 8 am till 12.30pm.

Till then, I hope I can update more soon.
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2013 drawing contest (actual result)

I would to thank to all of your input and comment. It means a lot to my two daughters. I personally love their drawings very much. They are my champions, regardless the position that they got from the judging of their school teachers. When I took these pictures, I have told my daughters that I wanted to publish in my blog. The judging from my different readers can be varied and also can be the same as their school teachers. The important thing, we can hear different opinion from all of your very constructive input. I sincerely appreciated your comments.

I agree with many of you, “Art has no rules and the limit is beyond the skies!”. I told my daughters the same thing too, especially my Standard 3, April. She has been remained at the position number 2 since Primary 1. The same boy in her class was still retaining the position number 1. He is the champion from Primary 1 till Primary 3.

Thanks to those who acknowledged Picture B and Picture Z. Picture B is May’s drawing. Picture Z is April’s drawing. They both are first runner up in their own category.

Primary 1 winning drawings
Primary 1 actual result                  

Number 1 , Picture C                  
Number 2, Picture B (May)         
Number 3 , Picture A.       
Please refer to my earlier post for individual drawings.
Primary 3 winning drawings
Primary 3 actual result

Number 1 , Picture Y
Number 2 , Picture Z(April)
Number 3 , Picture X

Please refer to my earlier post for individual drawings.

Thank you once again for spending time to scrutinize all these drawings and leaving me so many useful comments.
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2013 drawing Contest

2013 drawing contest was over. This year, the topic of Primary One is toys and the topic of Primary Three is Beach Activity. 

Here I took the pictures of  the drawings of the top 3 winners from Primary One and Primary Three only. Because my two daughters are one of the winners in these two categories. 

The winners' drawings were all  locked inside window glasses. So, please bear the shadow of reflection at the pictures. 

I do not want to tell you the result of the contest, because I want to hear from you. If you are the judge, how you would rate these drawings? 
Picture A

Picture B

Picture C. 
The above 3 drawings are the top 3 best drawings in Standard One.

Picture X

Picture Y

Picture Z
The above are Standard 3 Top 3 best drawings.

I sincerely want to hear your comments on the above drawings. I will let you know the actual position of all drawings in my next update.

April and May are looking forwards to hear all of your input and opinion.

1. Primary 2 drawing contest (2012)
2. Primary 1 drawing contest (2011)

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Girls in the kitchen

Whenever I did my cooking in the kitchen, I was always in a rush to get my food ready on the table on time.

I would feel upset if my daughters complained about my food, and I would feel disappointed too if they showed no interest on my food.

I have a way to address this now. Just get them into kitchen and prepare their own food. However this can be done when we are not in rush hours.

So far, my nine years old April have tried to cook scramble egg and pan fry pancakes for the family.   I will let my seven years old May to have hands-on in cooking very soon. They would learn to appreciate the food more.

Hopefully, not too long from now, I can just give them the menu of the day, and they can prepare the food and serve the food on the table for me. How nice eh!
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