I always hesitate to blog about food, and I find it tough to do so. However, I find these pictures below are nicely taken by Hayley. I decide to share it here with my readers. These are food from one of our local Thai restaurant. There are 2 outlets in the town. One was shifted from old restaurant (Jalan Boo Bee), one was just newly opened.
Pandan Chicken

Otak Otak

Kai Lan


Rice vermicelli

Tom Yam See Food

Green Curry

Japanese Tofu with mix veggie

The name of the restaurant

Look who's playing games. They Taiping Flower Boy Little Chi, Taiping Princess Avery and Taiping Prince Calvin.

Adult from left, Yvonne, Celine, yours truly, Lorita, Lorita's daughters, Angeline and Hayley.

Love this picture with my third princess, Baby Hebe.
April and May weren't free to join the dinner, as they had gone for their piano lesson. Never mind I was busy entertaining Angeline's kids.
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My daughters amaze me every day!

Last weeks, the weather was terribly hot and humid. I sweat so much. I changed my clothes and bathed so frequently when I was home.

I cursed the sun and blamed myself for living at Equator. I told my husband that I wanted to migrate to Toronto and stay near my friend, Lee.

Adoi! Before I can materialize my dream of migrating to colder country,  I told him, we needed an air conditioner badly in my living room. Otherwise, we would hibernate in the room all day long.

Yesterday, I fetched my two daughters back home from school, we saw him cleaning up the mess after having someone to fix the new air conditioner. The girls overjoyed, especially April, she thanked her papa profusely for listening to us.

Before taking off her shoes and putting down her school bags, she asked her Papa that how much is the cost of the new air conditioner.   Her dad answered, "RM1400". She quickly ran into the room and got her purse that she keeps all her saving from the daily pocket money. I saw her counting the money.

I said, "Don't be silly, you won't have that much of money."
April said, "I know, I don't have RM1400, I  have a few hundreds, I can give RM 100 to papa. "

May too, running in,  taking out RM 100, giving to her papa. How sweet of both of them.

April said, " We want to share the fund of buying the new air conditioner. You and papa just need to pay RM1200 now. "

I was amazed by their gesture.

At the end, her papa took their money. Not that he needs their share of fund, we want the children to share the family responsibility, that includes the chores in the house and also the finance responsibility in the family.

I believe in nothing starts too young.

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Graduation performance in Music for Little Mozarts

Last Friday, May attended Music for Little Mozarts (MFLM) graduation performance.  This is a milestone that May achieved before turning 7 years old next month. I am proud of her because she had completed I-Maths all 6 levels (for 3 to 5 years old) when she was only 5 years old, and now she also completed all 4 levels of Music for Little Mozarts (MFLM). Bravo to May for her persistence in pursuing skills and knowledge in music and maths.

April was also taking part in one of the solo piano performance too.

After the performance, they both told me that they had fun,  they couldn't get enough of it and they wanted more performance like this. I am glad that they enjoyed their piano performance.
Here are some of the pictures that I captured in the event.

Before the concert started, I took the opportunity to snap a picture of them together on the stage.
If you are interested in Music for Little Mozarts, I talked about this music course (for 4 to 6 years old) at the following links.
Music for Little Mozarts Level 1 | Blog with Yan
First piano mini concert | Blog with Yan
Second piano mini concert | Blog with Yan
She is called Mui Mui | Blog with Yan

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Colouring homework

My 7 years old, May brings back at least 2 homework everyday. One of her homework, especially English will be colouring. She will spend quite a long time in her colouring homework which my husband and me are not really pleased, as we want her to spend more of her time in revising her ting xie, ejaan, spelling, mathematics and all other more value added work.

Every time we will  hurry her to finish her colouring homework up. When we ran out of time, I would also utter words like, " No need to colour so nice one, it isn't the Art homework, it is the English homework, just fill in some colour is good enough la!"  I would also ask April to help May with her colouring homework. We just want her to faster finish her colouring homework, and she can move on to do other things.

Yesterday, May brought back a piece of drawing. It was again assigned by her English teacher to fill the drawing and alphabets with colours. To be very frank here, this type of colouring homework would only get  her a "tick" with may be a "star".

We had a very hectic day. After taking dinner, both April and May were needed to go for their piano lesson. After the piano lesson, they had to practise their piano for this Friday music concert at Tesco. They had to do other homework, they had to do some mathematics work books, they had to practise their ting xie, ejaan and spelling, they had to do short revision for their coming exam, and they had to sleep early, because tomorrow they had table tennis training in the morning.

So May should have no time to do her English colouring homework.

When they came back home, May saw her colouring homework was completed and placed on her study table.

No, I wasn't the one who colouring for her. Guess who? Only one person left in the house.

Now you tell me, will you help your kids to do the colouring homework or other home work?
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Keeping fit while away from home

Maintain Your Fitness Routine While Away from Home

While it can be challenging to keep up with your workouts on a routine day, it can be even more difficult when you are traveling away from home. However, slacking off on your workout during your vacation can have some seriously negative consequences on your health such as increased stress and fatigue. Alternatively, maintaining your fitness will help you to stave off the negative effects of traveling while helping you to get back into your routine once you arrive home. Here, are three ways that you can maintain your fitness no matter how long you are away from home.

Research Hotels and Locations

When planning your travel itinerary, you will undoubtedly be researching the local hotels and other amenities that are necessary for your stay. During this time, be sure to do some due diligence by also looking for which hotels offer travel incentives such as a complimentary gym or yoga studio. On a recent trip to Las Vegas I scoured the Internet for reviews sites on the top hotels in Las Vegas in order to find the right hotel for my personality that is still in my price range. Many hotels now place just as much importance on fitness as they do comfort. For this reason, they may offer swimming pools, open gyms and even personal training sessions to help their guests stay in shape. By searching for this as an option, you will be setting yourself up for successful workouts anywhere you stay.

Plan for Healthy Eating

Traveling can’t only interfere with a person’s workout routine, but it is also more likely for a person to stray from their diet when they are out on the road. Business dinners, roadside dinners and convenience meals can all add up to extra pounds and an unhealthy physique. According to CNN Travel, one way to combat this problem is to eat small, healthy meals throughout the day. This strategy will not only help to keep your energy up, but it will also help to keep you from overeating at luncheons and buffets. If possible, try to select restaurants that offer healthy menu options for company meetings and business lunches. It is also important to make good selections at complimentary breakfasts. Fruit or yogurt can help fuel your body better than a calorie-laden breakfast of waffles and syrup.

Visit Nearby Trails and Gyms

One advantage that travel can have for your fitness is a new and exciting location to workout. Try scouting out some scenic hiking trails before you head out of town so that you will know where to go upon your arrival. Local nature trails, parks and other community amenities can offer a low-cost way to see the sights while still maintaining your fitness. If you prefer working out with others, then explore the local gyms and classes that offer one-time options for those who are traveling.

By making fitness a priority during your travels, you will be able to stay on top of your goals while also easing the stress that accompanies being on the road. To do so, be sure to research hotels and select one that offers gym services as well as local hiking trails and amenities. Then, pack a few healthy snacks and enjoy relieving your stress through natural and enjoyable activities.


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3 dishes, 1 soup and 1 dessert

I seldom cook. I only cook on weekend when my husband isn't around. I know, this sounds so weird.

This Sunday, my husband was around, and I insisted to cook. As I told him, I had several simple recipes in my mind. He allowed me to take over the kitchen, and he helped me to prepare the ingredient that I bought in the wet market a day earlier.

Let see what I cooked from the pictures below.
Self recipe. Stir-fried French beans with prawns and Japanese tofu.

Recipe from Merryn. Stewed chicken with soy sauce and Coca Cola.

Recipe from Facebook. Pan-fried eggs with cheddar cheese and Japanese Tofu.

Soup of the day. Lotus roots with red dates soup. This soup was boiled by my husband when I went swimming with the girls early in the morning.

Dessert of the day. I boiled White fungus with sweet potatoes in slow cooker the night before.

My girls said the best dish of the day is their papa home-cooked soup. Boo hoo, mummy!

It is ok, I will keep up cooking until they say that my home-cooked is better than their papa's one.
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We celebrated at Nagaria Steak House

continue from the previous post.... some of you want to know what May has given to her big sister as present, and what have papa and mummy given to April as present. You can find all the answer in this post.

Though this is the third post on April's birthday, I actually want to tell you more on the place we celebrated her birthday.

Unlike previous practices, May didn't make a card for her big sister, instead she got me to bring her to buy a present. She finally wished her big sister "Happy Birthday" that her big sister was longing to hear. Cheeky May.

April chose a classic coffee house/steak house, Nagaria which has experience more than 20 years in business. It is located on Jalan Pasar, a place does not exactly stand out amongst the many row of old, albeit well-preserved shop houses . By the way, ‘Naga’ means Dragon in Malay, and ‘Ria’ means Happy.

My husband loves this restaurant because of the attentive service, good old school menu selection,  consistent taste of steak, and no service charge.

I love this restaurant because of the exact ambience one can expect from a timeless coffee house with a soft lighting, slow music at the background, and now free WIFI .

Chicken mushroom soup and garlic breads.

Fish and chips

Oriental chicken chop

Fried noodles
Chicken in the basket

Mixed vanilla and chocolate flavour of ice-cream cake

April's classmate gave her the purple colour pencil case. May gave her the Paul Frank photo frame. Mummy transferred Uncle SK's gift ( toy and key chain) that she won from spamming SK's blog to her. Mummy also bought the birthday cake. Papa paid the food bill of RM49.20.

Okay, Nagaria is a must visit local cafe for those on a trip to Taiping. Some might raise the issue of why not hawker food in Taiping instead of going Western? Well! Once in a while, dining in the comfort of a cosy and air-con coffee house/steak house sounds so much more inviting than sweating it by the roadside.

Apparently, she has also blogged about it here.

No 61, Jalan Pasar,
34000 Taiping, Perak, Malaysia.
Telephone : 605-806 9032, 6019-541 7948
Business hours : 12pm – 12am

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She still hasn't wished me yet!

On the phone.

April: Mummy, May hasn't wished me "Happy Birthday" yet.  You and papa have also wished me already.
Mum: Ask May to listen, I talk to her.

Mum: May, you still haven't wished Jie Jie "Happy Birthday".  Go and wish her now.
May: Hehehehe! This evening I will wish her la, when I present her the present. Kekekekekeke! Hehehehehehe!"

April: What she says?
Mum: She said she will wish you this evening.
April: Then, why she laughed so evilly?

April was holding the Princesses cupcakes from Auntie Angeline.

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I am not only proud

Our bedtime ritual.
Before I off the light, I hug and kiss my daughters on their lips. The moment I open the door and step out of their room, April, lying on her bed, the first one to say, "Mummy, sweet dream, good night, I love  you, see you tomorrow, I love you, Good Night, See you.......Mummy, ask papa to come in, I want to say good night to him....." Awww.....sweet..... and I melt. Their papa who is watching news on TV will later come in for another round of ritual.

There was one time, when her papa was out for dinner with friends. As usual at their bedtime, we kissed and hugged, before I left her room,
April said, "Good night mummy, I love you most, see you tomorrow, sweet dream
I said, "I love you most too, see you tomorrow, good night, sweet dream."

April said, "Mummy, will you wait for Papa to come back?"
I said, "No, he will come back quite late tonight. I work tomorrow, so I need to sleep early. "

April Said, "If you happen to wake up when papa is back, please covey my message to him, please remember to tell him that I want to say Good Night to him." Awwww......so sweet......and I melt. I waited till their papa was back, and I said to him, "April said Good Night to you."

Last week, I have a chat with their home tutor in the gym. She told me this,
" I told my husband about your elder every time after returning from your house. She is the best student that I ever had...............Her work is tidy and her handwriting is neat. She could complete the whole exercise book and the exercise book could still look like brand new. My other students and her kid sister, May doesn't have 50% of her good quality....."

I have also heard this type of compliment to April from people like her babysitter's family, her school teachers, and her art teachers.

I am not only proud of her. I am blessed to have her as our first precious daughter. April, mummy loves you most.

p/s: 10 April is April's 9 years old Birthday. Happy Birthday to my Princess April.
pp/s: Thanks Angeline for the beautiful cupcakes. April will be delighted to see the cupcakes tonight.
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My blankie

This is my favourite blanket. It was given to me by my childhood friend, BL's mother. Let just call her as Auntie in this post. Auntie sympathized me for losing a mother at the age of 17. They stayed at the housing estate opposite my housing estate. I can vividly remember that she rode on her motorbike to drop by my house a few times. She came talking to me.. She also shared with me how to do some house chores. Especially my big sister had also married and left the house that time.

2 years after my mom had passed away, Auntie came to my house on her motorbike again. I was at the porch hanging clothes, she helped me to hang the rest of my clothes. Then she passed me this piece of her handmade blanket.

Since then, I used it every night, except on days that I washed it. When I finished my Form Six, I went to a local university in KL, I carried this blanket with me to the campus. When I finished my degree, I went to work in a company in Penang, I also carried the blanket with me to the place I rented. When I married and relocated back to my hometown, I still used the blanket. When I had become a mother of two, and we had a privilege to travel, we bought two blankets, both made with 100% silk in Hong Kong, I still like this blanket the most.

I am not trying to over exaggerate here. It is a very comfortable blanket, it is not too thick on warm day, it is also not too thin on cold day. The length of the blanket suits my height well. After wearing for more than 20 years, it is torn at a few places, this never causes me to love it less. I told BL about how much I like her mother's blanket. She was surprised to know that I still treasure the blanket, although it is torn after many rounds of washing and drying.

BL and her family came back for Cheng Beng last weekend. She asked me out and handed another 3 pieces of Auntie's blankets.

I was so happy and I lost the words to express how thankful I am to Auntie and BL. These are the best gifts I ever had, they are priceless, they are made with love.

BL, please tell Auntie, I will treasure these blankets till I die.
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Our April Fool day

April Fool day, every time I went into the car, I would immediately on the radio and listen to My Melody FM, as I knew that there was Leslie Cheung special program all day long. No, this isn't about how much I miss him. No, this also isn't to tell how much I honestly love  him.

Evening, I off from office and driving to my daughters' school to pick them up, I was in time to catch a few of my favourites Leslie's songs. When my two girls got into my car, the radio was still on loud and clear. I would have turned off the radio on normal day, as my daughters would have a lot of things to share with me.

As expected, April told me about April Fool pranks that her classmates had on her, and also she created a few pranks to trick her classmates. She saw me not responsive enough, and only listening to Leslie's song engrossingly. She was puzzled.

Mom: Just listen to this song. Today is April Fool day. It was also a day to remember this singer. He called Leslie Cheung Kok Wing. He was famous when mummy was young like you. He was great. He could dance, act and sing. He was very good looking. He died 10 years ago on April Fool day. All his fans thought it was a prank, but it was real that he committed suicide.

April: Why? Why he committed suicide?

Mom: He was depressed.

April: Why he so depressed?

Mom: I don't know.

After dinner, when the girls were doing their homework in the study room, I was at the living room folding clothes. I on the TV, just hoping that I could catch some Leslie Cheung's special on Astro. Luck was on me.
I yelled to my girls, "There, he is Leslie. Come and have a look." They ran out from room.

April: I already know it, you are talking about this kind of yellowish old TV shows.

Mom was dumbfounded. Since when what I love has become yellowish old TV shows.
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