Live for today

Live for today, hope for tomorrow.  My tomorrow hope is always to get slimmer than today.

I asked my husband a couple of nights ago, "Can I put my bikini picture in my blog?"  Now, you see this picture, so his answer is obvious.
If I afraid to flaunt now, I will be adfraid even more after 10 years.  A new year gives me opportunity to do whatever I want to do. A new year gives me permission to be whoever I wanna be.

I don't want to recap of what I have done in year 2012, though I have accomplished most. I have had a very happy 2012. I still wish to have a little bit happier in 2013, though I will be little bit older, and a little bit rounder. The most important, everyone must be a little bit healthier and a little bit wiser in 2013.  

Happy New Year 2013
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My new skin care regimen

I wanted to do this post long time ago. I have a hard time to put all my thoughts into words. Please bear with me, as my thoughts are now scattered everywhere, and I try to organize it while I am writing this post.

I didn't have a flawless skin. To be more precise, I have oily and acne prone skin. So, I suffered from moderate acne all the time. I was dying for a good complexion. I paid a lot of attention on my face. There was one time, I went to beauty saloon every two weeks. Oftenly, I let my beautician do peeling on my skin. I spent over thousands on beauty products. My skin care products were ranges from serum, booster, essence, exfoliating scrub to oil control mask.

At home, I put facial mask on my face almost every day. I spent hours and hours in front of the mirror. I scrutinized every inch of my face to find those tiny little bumps, black heads and white heads.

My face still didn't get better. Sometimes, when acne flared up, I skipped my exercise, I turned down friends' meet up, I got really upset, I neglected my responsibility as a wife and mother. I wanted so much to look good and walk out confidently, and yet I looked even more horrible.

I know that not many people, especially Asian, can openly discuss about their acne problem. I was also one of them.

Whatever that I mentioned on top was exactly my life before I found Acne.Org. Please don't get me wrong, this isn't an advertising post, nor a sponsored post. This is solely my own sharing with  my readers.

How I found my new happy life again?  When I was very down because of my bad complexion, I searched for ways in curing my acne online. I spent one whole day in reading those Acne sufferers forum. I saw many people talking about Daniel's regimen, Dan's products, and Dan's website. Again, I spent a few days reading through the regimen, the product reviews, the message board and everything in Acne.Org.

I didn't talk, share or discuss with anyone. I went ahead to order my first Acne.Org product online. The product was shipped directly from US. When I got it, I couldn't wait to start the regimen. My first shipment included cleanser, treatment and moisturizer only. I strictly followed what was advised by Daniel. I also went through his videos of how to apply his products. I like how gentle and thorough he is when applying BP treatment and moisturizer on his face.

After using for 1 month, I have seen some significant improvement on my face. I have almost clear skin in the second month.
This picture was taken after 6 months of using Acne.Org products, I had no makeup on my face and no photoshop on my photo. My face is totally no sign of acne. Hooray! I don't need to put BB Cream or foundation when going out now. I finally received many compliments on my clear skin. I still go to beauty saloon to extract those stubborn black heads or white heads once a month, but I have stopped using other skin care products totally. I ditched all the serum, essence, cream, and booster. I left only facial mask to be applied on my back, my neck and my shoulder.

When I had finished my first 8oz sets, I placed my second and my third orders for 16 oz set of cleanser, treatment, moisturizer, AHA and jojoba oil. If you are interested in my new skin care regimen, please refer to Acne.Org. You can find very detailed step by step on how to use its products. I do not want to repeat the information here. Please do not forget to view those videos on the website too.

Here is the video of me applying BP treatment and also moisturizer before going to bed. I am still not as gentle as the founder, Daniel Kern when applying the products on my skin. So far I can't find any cons, and I can find only pros in the products. Anyway, you must have trust and follow the regimen strictly, in order to witness the successful result like me.

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Santa Claus is coming to town

Regardless what religious, most people are joining the fun of celebrating Christmas. The most significant way we celebrated it through exchanging gifts.

Some Christmas pressies arrived just a few days before Christmas, and there were 2 gifts arrived only on Boxing Day. One of them is from my White Knight. He never that romantic, but this year he asked me to choose my Christmas present, and he wanted to buy for me. How can I not pen this down!

Crabtree and Evelyn gift set consists of Body Shower, Body Lotion, Perfume and Hand Lotion from my BFF, Cannie

A few more days, we bid goodbye to 2012 and welcome 2013.Cheers to a new year and another chance for us to get it right.
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My comments on the Christmas greetings

The below are the comments that I left at this link this morning.

Since I am one day late to this post, I just told you about my Christmas 2012.

First of all, I received many Christmas gifts this year. Many girlfriends and my BFFs gave me Christmas gifts. I was surprised actually. Despite of not a Christian, my friends still gave me gifts on this season. So, we considered celebrating this season too.

I also bought gifts and wrapped it nicely, put it into Santa socks for my girls to discover it on Christmas day morning.
I love seeing them happy when seeing the gift. Even my going soon 9 years old April still believing in Santa.

I just bought them story books this year. My Christmas gift to them never expensive, but only practical.

I didn't have fine dining with my husband on Christmas eve. because he was on duty.

I just had a peaceful night listening to Christmas songs through my laptop on Christmas eve.

On Christmas day, the girls went to table tennis training as usual, I went to gym with my husband as usual too.

After doing sport, we went to have lunch at Kenny Roger's. One of the most expensive outlets we could find in my place. Hahaha!

Saw Yvonne and her kids walking past the outlet. Later found out that she was at Starbucks with her family.

After lunch, we went for movie CZ12. After the movie, we bought 4 movie tickets for the next day. So today, we are going to watch Ah Boys to Men.

Back at home, the girls unwrapped the Christmas gift.

We went to PIL house to have dinner as usual.

Everything was good until my younger May misbehaved and being rude to her PIL.

April too, not being really good girl through out the day. So, they both got on my nerves.

My Christmas mood was spoilt towards the end of the evening.

Guess what? I resorted to my magic wand and I transformed into the Evil Queen. I made them kneeing and sulking at the corner. They still whined and whined louder. Their papa too was getting really mad.

I made them apologize and write on the white board about their sins. I wanted them to repent by writing down on the white board. I made them remember this day 25 December 2012 as a new day to fix their bad behavior and rude manners. I really hope they remember my punishment on this special day.

I was totally drained out and heart broken after the lengthy lecture to both my girls.

SK, I hope you don't mind using your page to rant out.

Such a long comment here, I guess i can combine all to make up a post of mine already. Perhaps, I should consider doing this.

One last thing, my husband always being very typical China man, practical and not romantic. Asking me to choose a Christmas gift for myself. He wanted to buy for me yesterday at Poh Kong.

I said let me go back to find all my old jewels. I want to trade in those old jewels and buy a new one. So, I didn't get the Christmas gift for myself, but I will sure redeem mine soon. At least he was asking me yesterday.

SK, I hope you won't find my comments irrelevant. It was all about my Christmas. Thank you for allowing me to pour out all here. Hehehe!

SK, I am sure your single life and your Christmas Buffet marathon were better fun than mine.

Thanks for the greetings through the picture of fing fing and the video clips.

Here my 10th comment for this post.

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Meeting my girlfriends in KL

I had a very fruitful trip during my 6D5N stay in KL. I managed to meet up with HHBC bloggers. I made my girls' dream came true in KidZania. At the same time, I got to enjoy the "tai tai" life, having the buffet breakfast and going for a swim in the morning, and hitting the mall for shopping in the afternoon.

Nonetheless, my BFFs in KL gave me a small gathering at Din Tai Fung, Empire Shopping Gallery. They always complained about me for not letting them know when I went to KL. They have warned me many times that they wanted to discard me as their BFF, if I continue my silence visit to KL.
We ordered their most signature Xiao Long Bao, chicken mee sua, fried rice with prawn and egg, and deep fried pumpkin with salted duck egg. Yummy!
They are my secondary school mates. After the dinner, we went to La Bodega, Empire Subang. I took a pint of Hoegaarden there, I  heart the place, the drink and the companion very much. The bill of our drink at La Bodega was actually cost more than the bill of our dinner at Din Tai Fung.

On my last day in KL, we went for meeting up 2 mummy bloggers at McD, Subang Parade. They were Alice Law & Juan Juan from My Little Sprouts, and Alice Phua  & Juan Or from Adventures of Juan Or and Mommy. Thanks Alice for the recipe books for me and the Disney Princess Activity Books for my princesses.
I was so glad that I didn't meet with anything or anyone bad this trip. Everything was so smooth sailing and I never encountered any unhappy incident during the holiday. For eg. when I wanted to try clothes, the fitting room was always available;  when I wanted to take taxi, the taxi waited for me. lol!

Here I wish all my readers and friends, may Love, Peace and Happiness be yours at Christmas. Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday.
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At the malls (KL trip in December 2012 )

Continue from my previous post of how my life as a tai tai from 2 Dec 2012 to 7 Dec 2012. The free shuttle that provided by Hotel Subang Holiday Villa, only took us to Subang Parade, Empire Shopping Gallery or Sunway Pyramid.

First day, we went to Empire Shopping Gallery. Second day, we went to One U/KidZania by taxi. Third day, we went to Sunway Pyramid. Fourth day also we went o Sunway Pyramid. Fifth day was the last day, we went to Subang Parade/Parkson. So, almost everyday we went to the malls when we were in KL. 
Every time, we reached the mall, it was almost 2pm. We were too hungry to walk. We always went for lunch before we started our shopping. First day, we had lunch at Din Tai Fung.
Third day, we had lunch at Canton-I.
Last day, we had lunch at Taang Sifu.

Before I could go hunting for my loots peacefully, I must get something for my girls. I bought some a few PEZ Candy Dispenser from Candylicious for them.
Then, I dropped by outlets like Nichii, Forever 21, Kitschen,and Cotton On. All these outlets were on Sales up to 70%. OMG!
When I did my shopping, I let the girls sit on benches that were meant for shoes trying inside the outlet. Of course I must also pass them the Samsung Galaxy Tab to kill their time.  I would also find shop like this Plaster House to keep them busy for at least half an hour. While the girls working on the painting, mummy went on a very quick shopping.
Christmas decor at Empire Shopping Gallery.
Christmas decor at One U
 Christmas decor at Sunway Pyramid.

My loots. I will probably keep these as my CNY clothing.
My New Balance running shoes. It makes my gym so colourful, happy and lively. That's what my gym "kaki" said to me on the first day I returned to gym. In case you wonder whether I bought anything else for my girls. Of course. I bought them books from Big Book Sales at Subang Avenue and clothes from Cotton On Kids. They have worn their new clothes at the picture of Lunch at Taang Sifu.

We went back to the hotel at around 6pm by taxi. By that time, their papa had also finished his training course.
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At the hotel (KL trip in December 2012 )

I miss my "Tai Tai" life in the first week of December 2012 at Hotel Subang Holiday Villa so much. The only time I could temporary forget about the laundry, the dishes and the floor at home. I could also stop thinking of the project date line and the outstanding things to do at work.
The hotel room had renovated if compared to the first time we stayed there in year 2010. We got the business suite. The room and the toilet were big and cozy. Each night, I was comfortably lying on bed whatsapping my HHBC and my BFF while my girls were playing cards at the couch.
Every morning we had buffet breakfast here. The girls would get their own food and juice that they liked. I enjoyed my own breakfast, at the same time I reminded myself not to nag them on food during holiday.
After breakfast, we changed into swim suits and dip into the pool. The girls swam at the 3 children pools and 1 jacuzzi. I swam in their international standard of swimming pool for almost an hour.  We usually left the pool at 11.30am.
Back to the room, we bathed and changed. We were ready to the mall for YES.  We would take a picture in front of the mirror before we left the room.  

While waiting for the hotel free shuttle to bring us to the mall, we took pictures with the Christmas tree at the hotel lobby. More pictures with the Christmas decor at the mall in my next "At the mall (KL trip in December 2012 )" post.
These were our first half days when we were in KL. Thought I bought along my sport shoes and gym attires, I didn't go the hotel gym. I prefer to swim as I could keep at an eye on my girls in the pool.
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Whitesoot - Terra Ruched Knee Lenght Flare Dress

I get to know Whitesoot  - Malaysia Online Boutique, through this entry. Being a shopaholic on fashion, this Whitesoot Blogger Circle definitely makes me thrilled. Why?
"Whitesoot is an online fashion store (female apparel) based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Whitesoot brings in high-street clothing at a fraction of the price. We have new arrivals every day, from Sunday to Thursday at 8PM! And we mail all our shoppers' parcels the very next working day :) Also, we are glad to answer any questions regarding shopping with Whitesoot, so anyone can email us anytime! 

Whitesoot’s recent initiative – Whitesoot Bloggers Circle, allows bloggers to receive complimentary clothing from Whitesoot every month ;) These bloggers don't have to be very famous; they just need to have consistent updates and a certain amount of readership"
How can I resist the temptation of getting a FREE clothing from WHITESOOT  every month?
Without much hesitation, I wrote in. When I was finally confirmed to be one of the Whitesoot Blogger Circle, I chose my first dress immediately.  In fact, I was a bit concerned that they would find me too old to be eligible as their clothing model.
My choice is the Cobalt Blue Terra Ruched Knee Lenght Flare Dress.
Price : RM 63

Description : It’s all about the details when it comes to this dress! Finished with ruffles and pintuck detailing, this belted style is a perfect balance between feminine chic and contemporary flair. Details include: Ruched and textured line detailing, flare skirt with an inner polyester lining (lining is split at the sides to accommodate larger hips). Rope belt comes complimentary with dress.

Material : Cotton elastane blend

Product Code : Green (D1043)
Cobalt Blue (D1042)

Size : One size, Fits UK 4-12

Measurements (laid flat) : Bust 38-50cm, Waist 31-44cm, Length

Just couldn't wait to try out my new dress, I changed into it right after I reached home from work.
 Please pardon me for not having any makeup. Please ignore my eye bags and dark circles.
The only thing I did was dabbing away the extra oil on my face, so just focus on my new Blue dress.
I heart its material so much, because it is very comfy.
So nice that rope belt comes complimentary with dress.
 The back of my dress.
I will sure look better in this dress, if I have time to put on fake lashes, blushes and eye shadow.
I have made a right choice, as this outfit is just too nice to wear on any function and outing.
I can wear this dress to attend the coming Christmas and New Year party, go the mall, meet my girl friends and even a date with my White Knight.
You never know till you try.
Also, Whitesoot is running a free delivery promotion in the month of December only, You can find out more about it here  or email directly to them at shopwhitesoot@gmail.com:)
They will reply your mail within 24 hours. And also they will mail all shoppers' parcels the next working day.
Whitesoot online boutique features new arrivals on women's fashion clothing every day, from Sunday to Thursday, 8PM!
Don't forget to like their Facebook page. As all new arrivals will also be shared on their FB wall.
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{Closed}Giveaway on Create-A-Monster Starter Set

Giveaway time again! Please squeeze all your brain juice and put on your thinking cap for my last giveaway question. This time, there is only 1 question, but we are looking for three most creative answers to be our winners of Create-A-Monster Starter Set.

I hope you have got enough heads up from my review on Create-A-Monster Starter Set. There is really a lot of fun in building, designing and assembling your very own creature of Monster High ghoul.

This giveaway contest is opened for Blog With Yan's reader who live in Malaysia.
Giveaway question:
If you could Create-A-Monster to be a part of the Monster High student body, what would be the name and personality traits?

For more info on the Monster High student body, please visit http://www.monsterhigh.com/

Please answer the above question in the comment section of this post.
The contest starts now and ends on 23 December 2012, Sunday, 8 am (GMT +8) .
Winners will be announced in this blog on  28 December 2012, Friday.

Please also leave your email address when you place your answers in the comment section below so that we are able to contact you should you be selected as one of the lucky winners.
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Kidzania 2012

Entry fees: RM55 x 2 (kids)  + RM 35 (adult) + RM 2 special charge for buying online =  RM147

When my husband attended the training course for two weeks in KL, the girls and me were joining him on the second week.

During our stay in KL, other than meeting up with some bloggers, my intention was to bring my girls to KidZania. I had bought 2 children and 1 adult tickets of the evening session from Kidzania KL website in advance.

On that day,  my husband's cousin took a day off to bring her daughter to join us in KidZania. So we went into Kidzania in a group of 2 mothers and 3 kids. It was good to have them joining as her daughter who is 1 year elder than April, have been there once. She gave a good briefing of some tasks that she had performed before to us. She could be my girls' tour guide.
First stop was lining up at CIMB bank to cash out 50 KidZos.
Three of them decided to work in PosLaju courier service as their first job. Earn 8 Kidzos.
May's second job was working as Nail Artist in the beauty saloon, their cousin was her customer. May earned 8 Kidzos. Cousin paid 6 Kidzos.
On the other hand, April went to work in construction site. She earned 8 Kidzos from stacking bricks.

When May and cousin finished their nail painting task, they proceeded to work in Nippon Paint worker. Earn 8 Kidzos.
While waiting for her sister and cousin to finish the wall painting job, April went to do window washing. She earned 8 Kidzos.
Her cousin wanted to work at KPJ Emergency Room, but both my girls wanted to be Polices. They earned 10 Kidzos from Police Station.
They compliant about hand soreness when asking to control the crown from entering the fire disaster site.
When the kids started to feel thirsty and hungry, I asked them go to work in food and drink factory, such as Vitagen & Marigold Milk Factory. The kids took one vitagen back with them and they needed to pay 6 Kidzos.
It was time to utilize the Kidzos that they had earned so far, they went to work in Sushi King Sushi bar. They were allowed to bring back a box of their hand rolled sushi. Pay 16 Kidzos.
Next, they went learning culinary at Ayam Brand Cooking School. They finished their own made sandwiches there. Pay 10 Kidzos.
After stuffing them with food and getting their bodies battery recharged, they went queuing up to be the most anticipated KidZania Fire Fighter. They waited for 1 hour in front of the fire station.
They said Fire Fighter is the best task of all others in Kidzania. Because they could take a ride in the fire engine.
Earn 10 Kidzos for being the fire fighter.
Their last task was to work in Merrybrown Burger Shop.
They were given a chicken burger that they made themselves. Pay 10 Kidzos.

We were there in Kidzania Kuala Lumpur on 4 December 2012, 4pm to 9pm. April performed 9 jobs and May performed 8 jobs.

They have made me promise to them that I must bring them to Kidzania every time we go to KL.
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