Mix vitagen with pear juice

My husband and I love taking juice. We basically blend all types of vegetable and fruit into juice. My kids aren't that keen to taste our invention in different types of juices. The most popular juices for my kids are just apple or orange juice.

After we had lunch at Genki Up, which Angeline blogged over here. I found so many new ideas in the drinks menu. Especially those mixing of Vitagen with fruit juice. It is so irresistible for me to try it out at home.

Most kids love Vitagen, so this is a good trick to get them take in more vitamins from fruit.
 Cutting pear into smaller cube and blending it with plain flavour Vitagen.
My first kid's fruit juice recipe is pear with vitagen. Drink plenty of fresh pear juice during the hot days can cool down the body heat and prevent sore throat.
 April said that it is delicious.
May said that it is sweet. Both gave me a thumb up.

Health Benefits
Pears are often recommended as a hypo-allergenic fruit that is high in fiber but less likely to produce adverse reactions. Pear juice is safe to be introduced to infants as they are mild, yet healthful.
Blood pressure: Pears have anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogen glutathione which help prevent high blood pressure and stroke.
Cancer prevention: The high vitamin C and copper content act as good anti-oxidants that protect cells from damages by free radicals.
Cholesterol: The high content of pectin in pears make it very useful in helping to lower cholesterol levels.
Colon health: When not juicing, eat the pear whole for its precious fiber that are highly beneficial for your colon health.
Constipation: The pectin in pears is diuretic and have a mild laxative effect. Drinking pear juice regularly helps regulate bowel movements.
Energy: You can get quick and natural source of energy from pear juice, due largely to its high amounts of fructose and glucose.
Fever: The cooling effect in pear is excellent in relieving fever. Best way to bring a fever down quickly is by drinking a big glass of pear juice.
Immune booster: The anti-oxidant nutrients in pears are critical in building up your immune system. Drink pear juice when you feel a cold coming.
Inflammation: Pear juice has an anti-inflammatory effect and helps relieve sufferers of much pain in various inflammatory conditions.
Osteoporosis: Pears contain high level of boron. Boron helps the body to retain calcium, thus prevents or retards osteoporosis.
Pregnancy: The high content of folate (folic acid) prevents neural tube defects in infants.
Shortness of breath: The summer heat may cause children to have shortness of breath with excessive phlegm. Drink pear juice during this period to help clear the phlegm.
Throat problem: The pears are in season during the summer for a reason. Drinking pear juice every morning and night helps to cool your body down during this time. It nourishes the throat and helps prevent throat problems.
Vocal chord: Boil two Chinese pear juice with some raw honey and drink warm. This is extremely healing for the throat and the vocal cord.
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Bread sushi

My first attempt to roll the rice sushi turned out to be disastrous, and I blogged about it here. Thus, before I have confidence to try again on rice, I tried to roll some bread instead.
Place a slice of white bread with the crusts cut off on a slice of seaweed. Spread some margarine in between the slices of bread and seaweed. Put it on the sushi mat. Again, spread some margarine on the top part of the bread. Place a thin slice of the crab stick and some chicken floss on top of the margarine at the bread edge. Starting at the bottom, roll the bread upwards to make a tight cigar-shaped roll. Using a bread knife, cut the roll into sushi-sized pieces approx one inch in length.
Tips: Getting the kids to involve in the making of the food. They will eat more.
My kids love it to bits, though it had no green, and it wasn't really healthy. Once in a while, letting the kids indulge in the food that they like is fine for me. I made this bread sushi for them as their supper occasionally.

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The more we get together

Together, together,
The more we get together,
The happier we'll be.

For your friends are my friends,
And my friends are your friends.
The more we get together,
The happier we'll be.
We always find excuse to get together, just to catch up with friends that we enjoy to be with, aren't we?
Today is Celine, the newly wed and the younger sister of Yvonne's Birthday. So, it is another day that we have good reason to meet up for lunch again.
 All these familiar faces that I do not need to introduce again in my blog.
Today lunch at  Rain Tree Flemington Hotel, No 1, Jalan Samanea Saman, 34000 Taiping, Perak. Tel.05-8207777.

The bill for 4 set lunch is RM48nett.
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Konyaku jelly for Children Day

April's school celebrates the Children Day today. April bugged me to make her some Konyaku jellies for her class party.

I got the idea of using the disposable chili plates as the moulds from a colleague's wedding buffet dinner that I attended last month.
 I used the mango and strawberry Konyaku jellies

I wish my girl have a good time celebrating the Children Day with her friends. 

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Astro XTY camp 15 Oct 2011

I needed to work on last Saturday, my husband brought his two princesses to April's school for the Astro XTY Camp. I saw them going off happily, but when they came back, April showed me sour face and my husband showed me dark face.
After registered, they got seated and waited for the event to start. April was all smiling in the beginning.
The 3 main characters from Astro XTY appeared on stage. They were Guitar Ge Ge, Melody Jie Jie and DaYang.
May was too shy to join in the crowd. Instead, she went to have fun in some simple Science activity at the booth.
Meanwhile, the 3 hosts came down from the stage to get closer with the children. They chose some students to go up to the stage to play games together.

This was the part that make my daughter sad and my husband annoyed. The hosts told the children to put up their hands, then they would take those the fastest who put up their hands to the stage. April put up her hands from the first game till the last game, no one noticed her. She was almost breaking out in tears when all the games were over. A friend of mine also commented the same thing that her son was very disappointed for not being able to take part in the games. Since they registered the children and gave them a number to stick on their shirts, they should use the lucky draw method to call out the numbers. I think this method of choosing the participants is fairer, and this can eliminate bad remarks made by parents.
April was in total bad mood. Before leaving, she was pushed by her papa to take a picture with the three hosts, as I requested him to take some pictures for me to share in my blog.
Being a demure girl, April always at the lose side when she has to compete for attention in a big group.
For more pictures, you can hop to Astro XTY facebook.
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Because of digressing

Thanks folks for all the support and compliment on April's drawing in my earlier entry. No, she was chosen, her two other classmastes were chosen to win the prize from Astro XTY. And yes, she was upset.

I gave her a hug to comfort her. When she was ok, I talked to her more, I found out that her drawing was failed because of disgressing.

The subject is A Summer Vacation with DaYang (XTY's icon). Both her two classmates drew a human in the pictures. If only she had drawn a human in the picture, she could win too. But, she said, "Butterflies also can have summer vacation with DaYang right? Can't they just imagine this is a cartoon world?" I couldn't deny on her logic.
Picture was taken at Papa's Birthday Celebration on September 2011
Anyway, I took this opportunity to explain to her that it is very important to follow the subject and topic closely, be it in drawing, writing or speaking. In most exams, we can't afford to go out  of topic, especially in essay writing.

I have taken a look on the winning drawings, all the winners have done a fairly good job too, I reckoned.
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Turn disappointment into ...

Since Monday until yesterday, April was sitting for her Primary One final exam, and today is the last day of May's kindergarten final exam.

However, there was something happened during the week. Monday, April related to me  the announcement that made by her headmaster in the school assembly excitedly. She told me that Astro Xiao Tai Yang is coming to her school this Saturday, so her headmaster wants Standard One to Standard Three students to submit a drawing individually by Friday (that means Today) . The drawing must have DaYang (Xiao Tai Yang's icon) in it.

I wasn't too happy to hear the news, as I wanted April to put her whole attention in her exam, and I was certainly afraid that the arrival of Xiao Tai Yang and the drawing activity will distort her focus in the exam. I forbid her to spend time in drawing. I kept loading her with workbook exercises and revision. I even blamed the school for arranging this type of activity during exam week.

Being an obedient daughter, April promised to forget totally about the drawing, though she was a bit disappointed.
Yesterday, when the exam was finally over, I knew April was going to be freed from studying. She can do whatever she likes. I went googling for the picture of the Xiao Tai Yang's icon (大阳).

I printed it out in black and white and I marked on the paper for its different parts of colours. I passed to April and asked her to draw a picture of Da Yang. At first, she didn't want to draw. She said that she had tried her best to let go the activity. She even claimed that it was too rush for her to finish it yesterday and submit it to the teacher today. 
I let her have a heads up on what is going on with the arrival of Astro Xiao Tai Yang at her school. I told her that the Xiao Tai Yang's camp is fun. I showed her through computer, and she finally wanted to give it a try. She spent almost 2 hours on her table, and this is her masterpiece, all on her own.
I sent it to her father, who was at work. He called back and said, "This is too beautiful."

I am glad that I finally motivated her to draw. She too, turns her disappointment into joy, opportunity and success.

Whether her drawing will be chosen by Astro Xiao Tai Yang, it doesn't matter anymore. She is the best for me and her papa.
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Vegetarian dumpling

I stay a very close an organic food store. I always go there to buy honey. Every time I went, I could smell the very nice aroma of dumplings. When I checked with the lady store owner, she said that she made those dumplings for vegan in the whole Malaysia. She is the main distributor of vegetarian dumplings. To my surprised, it smells like those normal dumplings. So, I bought a few from her that day. Before I left, she also told me that the dumplings can be taken by cancer, diabetes and high blood pressure patients, as it doesn't contain glutinous rice, it contains only grains, nuts and cereals.
Being a fitness freak, I like what she told me about the vegetarian dumpling. I know I can take it without worrying about gaining weight.

When I asked my husband to try, he took a bite and said "No, thanks". Nevermind, as long as it is healthy and it is not fattening, I will like it. It costs only RM3 for one big dumpling.
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I am looking forwards to this weekend, as both my princesses will have gone through the final exam, and all of us can rest and relax.

Last Saturday, after I had done the revision with both of them, I allowed them to release their tension through playing piano. They were taking turn to play the piano. When it was April's turn, she asked her baby sister to come and sit next to her. She wanted May to take a look at her finger posture. She didn't satisfy with May lifting her other fingers when one finger was used. Lil May is still too small to stay put her fingers while using strength on one particular finger. So, April kept complianing to me that her baby sister's finger posture was wrong.
I am glad to see April showing her baby sister the way she played piano, and I am also glad to see lil May paying attention to what her elder sister showed her.
This was a beautiful scene that I only got to see occasionally.

Many times, they were quarelling and fighting with each other, and at the end one running to me with tear. I really hope that they are growing up to be more loveble to one another.
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My old dream

Last night was the last vegan diet night for me. I was on vegan diet for the last 3 days of the Ninth Emperor Festival. I was the only person taking vegan diet, my husband and my children were still taking their normal diet.
Many Chinese food stalls and shops weren't opened due to many Chinese are on vegan. So, I had to go to Mamak stall to buy supper for my children.

While the father and the daughters were indulged in their supper, I did nothing but taking pictures of them. Luckily my self-control was quite good, I didn't get tempted by their food a fair bit also.
My two princesses were fighting for the supper. I actually bought more than enough for the 3 of them.
1 piece of Roti Tisu, 2 pieces of Roti Capati and 3 pieces of Roti Canai. It was quite a lot and heavy for 1 adult and 2 girls right?
 May was the first to left the dining table. She took almost half piece of Roti Tisu. Please make a wild guess before you look at the next picture, who was the last person leaving the table?
Please scroll down to check the answer.
She took half piece of Roti Tisu, 1 pieace of Roti Canai and 1 piece of Capati. Thank Goodness that she is still staying slim, otherwise I will ban her from taking supper.
My wish is to make her complete my old dream, be the future Miss Universe. Ahem!
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First piano mini concert

Last Saturday, April and May music center held a mini concert for the Music for Little Mozarts students. Basically the students are from age 4 to age 6 only.

April wasn't in the group, but her music teacher would like her to experience the performance in a concert. She turned out to be the older in the group. Thus,  she was the steadiest performer, I reckon.
Since it wasn't a big group of students, the concert was held in their music school only. We were there rather early.
May and her peers were given a certificate of finishing her Book 1 Music for Little Mozarts .
Book 1 graduate students were required to play a song and perform a dance. May played Hot Cross Bun solo, and danced Feel the Beat on Your Feet in group. I could see that my 5 years old had a little bit of stage fright. Since this was her first concert, she was considered doing a good job.
April played Mary Had a Little Lamb calm and cool.

She danced with a 6 year-old peer in Catch the Rhythms and Barn Dance.

At the end of the concert, all the students who took part in the concert were given a set of McD Happy Meal.

p/s: May has learned piano for 6 months and April has learned piano for 3 months. 

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Perseverance paid off

Being a loyal reader to ParenThots, I knew that they were giving away a set of Disney Scholastic School Skills Workbooks worth RM159.20, since April, right up to September.

I composed my email to them on how I encourage my children to read in May.

Too bad, I wasn't the winner in May.

I touched up my entry and sent to Parenthots for the second time in July.

When the result was announced, I wasn't the winner.

I revised my entry and tried out my luck for the 3rd time in September, the last month of  the promotion.

To my utter surprised, I won. ParenThots sent me a congratulation email yesterday. My entry was published in Parenthots now.  Since yesterday, I feel like I am in cloud 9. I want to give this Diney Scholastic School Skills workbooks to my two princesses. They sure love it.

Here, I would like to share with my readers on how I encourage my children in reading. My winning entry is as below.

Most parents are aware of the importance of cultivating the reading habit in their child. It is so important that it cannot be emphasised enough.

As a fulltime working mother, I always do my best with the limited time I have at home to encourage my kids to read.

1) Reading bedtime stories to the children.
I started reading to them when they were still in my womb. I still read bedtime stories to my five-year-old and seven-year-old daughters every night.

2) Reading their stories on my personal blog.
I love writing about my children’s development and daily activities. My children are excited to read about what I write about them. They find reading their own stories interesting.

3) Reading kids' magazines.
I always send in their artwork to children's magazines. They are thrilled to see their artwork published in magazines. They are rewarded with little gifts from the magazine publisher. Most of the gifts are also books. Indirectly, they are exposed to more magazines and more books.

4) Reading craft books.
We make Mother’s Day cards, Teacher’s Day cards and Father’s Day cards together. I have them look up ideas from craft books.

5) Books as their gifts.
I buy books and magazines for them as their birthday and Christmas presents.

6) Set up a mini home library.
We have a big bookshelf in their study room, which keeps all their favourite books, so that they can locate the book easily at any time they like.

7) Take part in storytelling.
I encourage them to take part in storytelling or story reading contests in school. When preparing for the competition, they are motivated to read many varieties of story books.

8) Visit book fairs, book stores and libraries.
We go to book fairs, book stores and libraries to spend our family time together on weekends.

9) Reading news from newspapers to the children.
I share with them news that I read from the newspaper. At the same time, I show them the pictures from the newspaper.

10) Set myself as the children’s example.
I read books and magazines in my free time, in order to set myself as an example for them.

11) Make books our companion.
We take books with us wherever we go. They read books and magazines while waiting for flights in the airport, and also while waiting for food to be served in the restaurant.

12) Get books about their favourite movies.
I also get them books which have the full story of movies that they like, such as Toy Story, The Princess and The Frog, and Rapunzel.

13) Praise them for good reading behaviour.
When I see them reading quietly, I always praise them for their initiative and good concentration.

14) Fix a time for reading daily.
After dinner, we, the parents and the children will allocate some time to read our own books together.

15) Sing songs from their nursery rhyme books.
Kids love singing songs. We have many nursery rhyme books at home. I teach the children to do the action and sing the songs from the nursery rhyme books. They enjoy doing this very much.

There are still many ways we can encourage children to read. Once your children love reading, you will want to keep the fire burning in them.

Folks, perseverance paid off!

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Glory Moments

I never thought that my girls will be good in sport, though April is doing quite well in her Table Tennis training so far. I myself wasn't a sport person though I like working out in the gym now. Donkey years ago, I took the School Sport Day as one extra rest day at home.

When April told me that she needed to go to her school Carnival Sport Day on Sunday morning,  I was so reluctant to let her attend it. We always wake up late on Sunday morning.  I tried to coax her to absent from the sport day, but she insisted to go.

We woke up at 7am that Sunday. April was chosen to run in Standard 1 Female 50M category. She told me a day earlier that she would be the champion, as she was the first to reach the finishing line during the trial run. This was the reason why I finally gave in to her and sacrificed my Sunday beauty sleep. What a realistic mom I am!
When the race started, I couldn't sit still, but stood up to yell at her "Run, April, run. Add Oil, Add Oil".  I was just yawning like nobody' business a minute ago before her run. On the other hand, her Papa was busy recording her run at the finishing run. What a proud dad he is!

 April didn't disappoint us, she was really the first to reach the finishing line.
Back at home, April shared her glory moments with her younger sister. She kept telling us that how thrilled and excited she was for winning the champion. Her papa was the second happiest person after her, because he said that April inherited his good gene in sport.
 One entire day, she was wearing her Gold Medal chain around her neck.
She only took it off  when taking bath. This is her very first Gold Medal award.
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