Crave for baby

Being the youngest child in the family, I always longed for a baby sister or baby brother when I was young. Wherever I go, babies sure attract my attention. Even now, I am already a mother of two young kids, I still love babies. I miss my children's baby moment so much.

Although I adore babies a lot, I don't plan to have another baby. As a full time working mother, I am feeling exhausted almost every night when I retire to bed. Juggling between family and work, just like a candle burning at two ends. Furthermore, my husband and myself desire to have more space and time for ourselves. I have the heart to have a baby, but I don't have the energy to raise the baby. (心有余而力不足)We will stop at 2 children, unless God give me a surprise.

One fine day, when I have the sudden crave for baby again, I told my daughters.

Me : April, May, mummy loves babies so much. In future, you get married and have babies, by then mummy has retired also. Mummy helps you girls taking care your babies, ok?

After thinking for a minute, my 7 years old April, she is a very possessive kid showed her disapproval on my idea.

April: No mummy, you cannot take care of my baby and Mei Mei's baby at the same time. You  may mix up my baby and her baby.

Me: What!!!!!!!!!!

Will I be such an old clumsy grand nanny who can mix up the grand kids???????
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Kids funny commercial acts

Both my kids have stop taking their formula milk since beginning of the year. I am now giving them MILO mix with a scoop of Fernleaf 3T milk powder every night. They would usually have MILO with bread and biscuit as their supper before bedtime. Sometimes, I also buy some Nyonya Kuih, waffle cake and other local snacks which they like from Pasar Malam.

I enjoy watching them having their food. Whenever I got ready my camera, they would start doing the finger licking good commercial acts.
My 7 years old, April was in action. She kept losing her baby teeth recently. Can't wait for her two front teeth to get sprouting out.
My 5 years old, May too with her silly antics. Can you see the empty plate in the bottom 3 pictures of hers? "美人照镜" (Beauty looks herself in the mirror).

In case you wonder what they were eating.
3 different types of Putu Mayam. (We actually call it Mayong here) The brown one is made with whole meal, the green one is in pandan and the original white one. They ate it with coconut floss and brown sugar.
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Top Ten Things I wish I could Do

*edited - Things that I wish I could do, but it would never happen*
Thanks for giving me something to write, Mumsgather.

I am a Pisces, Pisces is a dreamer. A dreamer always have wild imagination for things that she wishes she could do.

Here they are,
  1. have a romantic and quiet date with Jerry Yan, my idol. Just two of us merely chatting and catching up. Awwww, sweet.  (Everyone know, this could only happen at Fantasy Island)
  2. Jerry Yan
  3. equip myself with high EQ. So that I  wouldn't get angry with my boss, my kids and my spouse.
  4. possess the body of Jennifer Aniston and the look of Angelina Jolie
  5. make Jimmy Choo,  my best friend.
  6. win 4D in TOTO or Magnum. (Heaven knows that I never buy any jackpot or lottery)
  7. eat all what I like, and still look slim and sexy like Megan Fox.
  8. Megan Fox
  9. without wrinkles.
  10. get pregnant again. (If I have 3 kids, #3, #6, #7, #9, and #10 would forever remain as a dream)
  11. travel to oversea for holidays, 3 times a year.
  12. sleep like a baby every night.
Don't wake me up, please.

Aiya! I still haven't pass my tag to you folks.
Now, I can continue my sweet dream.
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If I happy, and you know it

I read about Barb's I feel happiest when, and feel like want to do an entry similar to share with my readers,

If I happy, and you know it,
  • I wake up from a very good nap in the afternoon. I love taking nap.
  • I sweat out a lot in the gym and burn more than 500 calories.
  • I get to eat the best durian.
  • my kids are well behaved and my husband is loving.
  • I have a good chat with my girl friends.
  • I see a drop in KG when I step on the bathroom scale.
  • I get a nice hair cut.
  • my kids sleep early and I can have some quiet time with my husband.
  • I have a satisfying retail theraphy in a Big Sales.
  • I receive gift.
Basically, I am quite down to earth person. Enough sleep and lots of exercise will keep me happy for the entire day.
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Anything is something

This is a tag post from kiddothings.
1. Do you think you're hot?

Yes, as I sweat a lot.

2. Upload a picture or wallpaper that you are using at the moment.

3. When was the last time you ate chicken?

Thursday dinner. MIL cooked braised chicken.
4. What was the last song you listened to?

DO RE MI. My 7 years old sang this song  in the singing contest at her school yesterday. She was the 3rd runner up.

5. What were you thinking while doing this?

What would the title for this post. Then, I think of "Anything is something".
6. Do you have any nicknames? What are they?

I don't remember any, or I purposely do not want to remember any of them.

If you think anything is something, you are most welcome to take this tag.
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Young kids should be banned from

When Ai Lian tagged me on her entry of Young Kids Should be Banned from, I started spinning my head to think of what I normally ban them from doing.

Young kids should be banned from
1. taking chocolates or candies right before the nap or  bedtime, as sweet things will make kids stay active.
2. interrupting mummy watching her favourite dramas.
3. interfering adults' conversation.
4. mocking parents in front of others, like calling mummy "big buttock" or papa "botak head".
5. TV and computers, before finishing their homework and revision.
6. shouting at each other.
7. taking unnecessary things to school like toys and stickers.
8. staying up late at night.
9. using violence to settle issues.
10. whining and throwing tantrum.

In fact, I can make the list go on and on, but I better stop here, and see what other parents would ban their kids from.

Here I would like you to try posting your list,
1. Inspired Momx1
2. Kiddothings
3. Look Who's Talking
4. Little Chumsy's Blog
5. From TAIPING with LOVE

To those I didn't tag you, you can feel free to write too.
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Until we meet again

We, going out for lunch almost every working day. We took turn to drive.
Today, Hayley is leaving us. After 5.30pm, she will be my ex-colleague, but she is forever my good friend.
Me and Yvonne have planned to cut down going out for lunch after Hayley leaves. sob.sob....
February 2011 - CNY Company Dinner
I am so glad to know her, as she is a woman who is beautiful inside out.
May 2010 - Colleague's Daughter Wedding Dinner
Goodbyes are not forever. Goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I'll miss you
Until we meet again!
Take care, Hayley. I m here wishing you all the best in all your future undertakings. Please keep in touch.
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Feeling grateful when .......

I received a gift pack of L'occitane lip balm and hand cream from Celeste. Celeste left my current company for better job prospect in KL 7 years ago. She is always so sweet.
I received some goodies from Su In, after she came back from her US trip. I left Su In's current company for good in my hometown 8 years ago. She always helped me getting lovely items from Coach outlet  in her business trips to US. She is always generous.
I get to enjoy a cold macaroni as breakfast. Yvonne who made me this breakfast, is my current job colleague for 8 years. Cold macaroni warmed my heart, do I need to say more?
I get to savour McD Double Cheeseburger as my second lunch from Khoo. Khoo is also my current job colleague for 8 years. He always supplied me with free downloaded interesting movies *wink*
I am thankful, but guilty now, looking at the double cheese.
I received my Dragon year CNY card half year in advance. My princess April presented this handmade CNY card to me. She is my precious first born 7 years ago.
She handed the card that she made it all by herself to me and her father, and she said,
 "Mummy, Papa. I don't want to wait any longer. I want to give you this Dragon year CNY card now."
I am truly blessed.
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I long for champ

My Monday after the yellow weekend, wasn't that BLUE. I got a bag that I really long for, Longchamp Le Pliage tote. Yeah!

I’ve been toying with the idea of the Longchamp Le Pliage tote for quite a while. Yes I know its overdone as status symbol and that every girl out there is toting her Les Pliages like it was a school bag.

But I’m still very much drawn to it.

When I travelled to Vietnam in March this year, I saw many colours and many sizes of Longchanp Le Pliage totes selling in the market. The small one was sold at RM30 only. I controlled myself for not buying any of them, as I know myself well, I won't gain the same satisfaction of getting my longing item in original.

I want to thank Hayley for asking her friend to buy me the navy blue, medium size and short handed version from UK.

The Le Pliage tote is just nice to be my shopping bag, especially when I forget to bring the recycle bag along to Tesco, Giant and The Store.
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Two moral values

Hi hi folks, in case you are wondering why I am being MIA. I am all around, not going any where. I am doing good with my kids, my husband and my activities. Everything is in routine, only a bit busy at work.

Recently, I have two moral values that make me ponder for a while. I have finally cleared up my mind with a conclusion after talking to my husband.

1. Lost and found

My 7 years old, April related excitedly to me on things that happened at school. She and her classmates found some coins at the field. They handed the coins to their Moral teacher happily.

I recalled my mother taught me on this matter when I was still a kid. My late mother's advice is to pass the money to teachers if the money was big and found inside the classroom, but if money was small and found outside the classroom, it isn't necessary to pass to teachers. So, I thought of telling the same thing to April.

My husband has other concerns. He worries that April is too young to know how much money is considered as big. Besides, she may confuse on the grey line between where she finds the money. He reckoned April and her classmates were right to hand the money to teacher. They sure gain a few points for good moral behaviour.  I agree with him.

2. True and false

We got April's report card last month, she was at the position of 1/96. I was very proud of her, so as her father, who involved more than me in her revision. To be frank here, I am very particular in my children's academy achievement. If it is within their capability, I want them to prove it in the exam. Call me a 'Kiasu mum' or a 'Tiger mum',  you like.

My Honest Boy of Inspired Momx1 made me ponder whether I should tell April what to do when teachers are making mistake in the marking. I wanted to tell her if her answer is correct, teachers mark as wrong, she has to go and check with teachers. On the other hand, if her answer is wrong, teachers mark as correct, she doesn't need to highlight to teachers.

When I was still puzzling, my husband reminded me hiding bad things and being selfish are not acceptable in Di Zi Gui values. We certainly do not want our kids to be the top in class, but zero in honesty. Good moral behaviour is thousand times better than good result.

Last night, I went to talk to April and put my arm around her. We both sitting on her bed, she lean on me. First, I praised her for finding the coin and passing it the teacher. I told her whatever things that she has found in her school, she mustn't bring home, instead she must immediately put it to Lost And Found folder, or give it to teachers. Second, I want her to be honest and truthful,  be it exercise lessons or exams, if she spots any mistake in marking, she must inform teachers. She nodded with a grin on her face.

To Inspired Momx1, it is very good that Ian is so honest.

人在做,天在看。(Who can help me translating this in good English?)
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