Gong Xi Fa Cai

Last Saturday, I brought April and  May to the Buddhist chanting class. After the normal chanting session, the teacher shared with the kids a few things about CNY. I find them very beneficial and I would like to share with you folks.

1. The teacher advised the children to involve in spring cleaning. If the kid is too small to help up in spring cleaning, at least he or she has to be told about the meaning of spring cleaning.

2. The teacher showed the children the proper of way of getting Angpow from the elders. Juniors have to bow and wish the elders, and use both hand to receive the Angpow.
3. The teacher even suggested kids to knee to parents and grandparents in the morning on 1st day of CNY.

4. The teacher reminded the children to take plenty of fluid and get enough sleep, if they take a lot of fried and heaty food during CNY.

Since we had done the spring cleaning, I only asked the girls to housekeep their own lockers and drawers. I wish that my girls will remember to bow, wish and use two hands to receive the angpow.

Lastly, I wish you folks a prosperous Rabbit New Year, may you enjoy the health, wealth and happiness thorughout this year and also after this.

"揖深圆 拜恭敬"
(弟子规解释: 注意行礼时要把身子深深地躬下,跪拜时要恭敬尊重。)
(DiZiGui explaination: Your bows should be deep, with hands held in front and arms rounded, Always pay your respect with reverence.)
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Sweet sweet love

While I helped April rubbing her hair with hair conditioner in the shower, she told me that her classmate (boy) gave her 2 new red packets. After she had done with the shower, I hurried her to take dinner as I was going to send May and her to the Art class.

April , "Give me a minute, I want to do something. Very fast, I am coming, mummy. "
Me, "Hurry, April, later you are going to be late for the Art class."

She came out from the room and gave me one red packet happily.
Then, she wrote something on a memo paper and placed it on the dining paper together with another red packet.
April said, "This is for Papa. When he comes back later, I am already in the Art class, he can have it first."
Her papa was still at work. I was the one who saw all her antics. She was too sweet. My heart was melted again.
I opened the Angpow that she gave me, I found RM1 in there. My first Angpow from my daughter, and she is only 7 years old.

p/s: After she came back from the Art class, she saw me taking pictures of the memo paper and the Angpows on the dining table.She said, "哎哟!我没有写妈妈新年快乐喔!" (Aiyo, I didn't write mummy, happy new year)
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Shopping lunch

Me and colleagues were having lunch at Old Town yesterday. I order the Reunion Set of RM12.80, which came with a drink, a pudding and a bowl of prawn noodle. I was quite satisfied with my the lunch set, but I find it way too expensive.
Other than paying RM12.80 to Old Town,  I also paid RM140 to my Make Up Artist friend, whom we knew from our KOSE make over. We met up with her at lunch, as she wanted to show us some cosmetic products.
These were the cosmetic I got from her. She sells them at cheaper price than in the counter. Majolica Majorca eye shadows and liquid eye liner are a known brand, but this is the first time I got the BB cream from Lohashill. I used to apply The Face Shop BB cream. I have yet to try this product. It stated there oil free, water proof and sweat proof, and this brand is from Korea. I wish it goes well for my quite sensitive and oily skin.
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Night market food for supper

My place has Pasar Malam on Monday. After taking dinner, my husband guided April on her homework. Myself helped my Little May in her revision too. When we completed with their homework and study, we brought the girls to Pasar Malam to buy some food back home for supper.
3 pieces of cakes, 1 spring roll (popiah), 2 sweet potatoes buns, and lasksa. These were shared by my girls and my husband. I tried to control my urge for taking any food after 8pm, later I cannot squeeze in my CNY clothes.
Other than food, my husband also bought 3 boxes of fire crackers and 'pop pop' for my girls to play on CNY.
After taking the supper, they still didn't want to sleep. They wanted to do drawing.
My little May's lastest masterpiece.
April drew a CNY card for her form teacher at the end.
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A sneak peak of my CNY clothings

Normally, I've got my CNY clothes months before CNY arrived. I would get my CNY clothes when I went to KL, Ipoh or Penang, then I kept them in the wardrobe until CNY. This year, I didn't have anything which was presentable to wear on CNY, until last Friday I managed to find something that I really satisfied
From left, top down, black and white stripes leggings, black jeans knee lenght skirt, polkadot silk pants, grey flare pants, white top, flower printed blouse, big sleeves pink top, dark grey blouse and white polkadot grey dress. After getting all these items, I am RM500 poorer.
My CNY shoes is a pair of black Mary Jane from U.S. Polo Assn. The original price was RM89.90, and I got it at 30% discount.  I noticed that I got most of my clothings in black and grey. I am quite a traditional person, I will wear the pink top on the first day of CNY.
We also bought 2 Disney Princeses single size bedsheet for my princesses. The orignal price was RM149.90 each, we got it at 60% discount.
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Restaurant Kum Loong, Taiping

I was back from a very relaxing weekend. All I did last weekend were getting my hair dyed, a full body massage and shopping for CNY clothes. I have got my hair trimmed and my facial done on the weekend before last weekend. After the body massage on Sunday morning, I slept like a pig in the afternoon. I just wish to live everyday like Sunday, then everyday will be a great day. My Sunday is super nice one. I can wake up late, then take lunch, after taking lunch, take nap, after napped, take dinner, then go sleeping again. Sound like a pig or not? Wakakaka. Of course, I sleep with my kids and my husband, and I eat also with them together.

I have to force myself to come back to reality on every Monday. The only thing that can make me happy on weekdays is the lunch break.
 Wat Tan Ho for my lunch mate, RM3.
 Hong Duo Mee for myself, RM3.
 Take away some wedding biscuits for tea time at 3.15pm.
Today lunch was taken at the very old restaurant at town. Restaurant Kum Loong was already there before I was born. It is famous for their dim sum.
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Well said, girl

On the way back from April's primary school, our conversation in the car.
April: Mummy, today teacher asked that whose mother came to help sweeping the classroom floor.
Me: Oh! really?
April: Got 2 boys raised hands.
Me was trying to tease her: Did your teacher ask you why your mother wasn't helping?
April: My class has 32 pupils. Only two raised hands, still have 30 not raised hands. You don't worry la!
Me speechless, but quite happy with her answer.

April gave her best friend a CNY greeting card , and her best friend also gave one to her in return. When April opened the card and read, she laughed.  
April: Mummy, you see, it should be 乐 and not 牙. 
Me was trying to tease again: May be your friend wish you to have your 2 front teeth sprouting up faster in this New Year.
April: No. I asked my friend already. She said her mummy has written wrongly. Nothing to do with my teeth.
Me laughing.

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Some updates on my 5 years old, May

  1. She is a very "cincai" girl. When I bought anything new in two sets, she would be the last to pick what she wanted. Instead, she doesn't mind to let her jie jie be the first to choose. She is not a demanding child.
  2. I always wish that she would weigh 2 kgs extra .
  3. She is a clumsy girl, as she tends to drop things or spill water everywhere.
  4. She loves reading and swimming.
  5. Other than going to kindergarten, she also takes up swimming, Art, and I-Maths classes.
  6. When Jie Jie is not at home, she misses her jie jie more than her jie jie misses her.
  7. She is less talkative, but she is more playful "samseng" than her Jie Jie.
  8. She doesn't eat as well as her jie jie, but she sleeps much better than her jie jie.
  9. She pasts motion on every evening, right after taking her dinner. That's why she is skinny.
  10. She is a very thoughtful daughter. 
  • I was about to leave home and go to Tesco to buy something, after that only go to the tuition center to fetch her jie jie back. I couldn't find my car key. I got really panic and sweat. My little May helped me to find the car key. She spotted the key which I accidentally dropped it on the flowery blanket. I thanked her. When we reached Tesco, she took out my car key from my bag and said, "Mummy, I put the car key in the pocket on my pants, so you won't lose it again."
  • Her jie jie was going to tuition, I wanted to go to the boutique to buy my CNY clothes. In the fitting room, I put my purse and hand phone on the floor. My little May who tagged along, came in and picked up everything on the floor. While I was busy taking off and putting on clothes, through the mirror I saw her holding her tumbler, my hand phone and my purse with her 2 small hands.  
These series of pictures were taken on yesterday evening, when her jie jie was rushing to finish her colouring at up stair. I wanted to capture her very attractive big sparkling round eyes. This was the best that I could capture with my Digital Camera. I reckon, her eyes look more beautiful in person.
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Restaurant Lam Khie at Selama, Perak

*Edited - after receiving a few comments, here I amended the post with red text.
It has been quite some time that I last blogged about food. There was one weekend in last December, we took about 45 minutes drive to Selama. A place which is famous for the Kung Poa Tian Ji (stir-fried dried chili with edible frogs) and the Sang Har Mee (shrimp noodles).
 Sang Har Mee (Shrimp noodles). I like this the most. RM40
 Kung Poa Tian Ji (stir-fried dried chili with edible frogs) RM25
 Steamed Soon Hock fish.RM50
 Clay pot homemade bean curd and trotter. RM15
 Stir fried snow pea shoots.RM10
Restaurant Lam Khie is located at the big street of Selama.

I couldn't recall the price, but I remember it was quite reasonable.

The bill for 4 adults (with PIL), 1 child (April was at her ex-babysitter's house) is RM150 (Including white rice and a pot of Chinese tea).
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Some updates on my 7 years old, April

1. She loves Art.
2. She has neat handwritting
3. She is still very cute in papa and mummy's eyes.
4. She is gentle in handling her own stuffs, be it toys, stationary, homework or books.
5. She will tell me everything happened in the school, especially the good one, such as teachers praised her.
6. She loves going to school, but she complains about the school toilets.
7. She is attending UCMAS arithmetics, child aerobics, Art class, chanting class, swimming course and all subjects tuition(3 days a week).
8. She is looking forwards to bedtime story every night.
9. She is taking only 1 feeding of milk before bedtime.
10. She comes sleeping in our master bedroom on every weekend.

First time using her pocket money in the canteen.
I give her pocket money RM0.50 everyday. She used RM0.50 to buy a pink colour jelly from the school canteen on last Tuesday. She had to finish the bread and the jelly in 15 minutes break time. When she rushed back to her classroom. she fell on the ground and her knee bled slightly, and this marked her first injury at school too.

First time getting caned by the teacher.
I went to pick her back from school. Her classmate, WS whom she knew since in her kindergarten told me that April was caned by Teacher K, their mathematics teacher. After much asking by her papa and myself in the car, she broke down in tears, and said "It wasn't my fault, the girl in front of me, kept talking to me. I didn't talk to her. Teacher saw and caned both of us."
She is my forever precious baby April.
Books that I bought yesterday at my lunch time. 8 stories in one book. I have promised my girls that I will tell only one story in one week. 16 bedtime stories for 16 weeks.
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Chinese New Year Greeting Cards

The first CNY card that I received this year. This Bug Bunny CNY card was from my sister in Ipoh to my girls.
The CNY greeting cards that I bought for friends and relatives. All have very cute bunnies printed. I have my girls signed both their Chinese and English full names in the cards.
The CNY drawing that April did in her first Art lesson in her primary 1.
Surprisingly, I don't get too many CNY clothes for myself this year, but my princesses have too many CNY clothes which can last them till Chap Goh Mei.
Normally, I should have started to crave for CNY cookies, but I don't this year. May be age is catching up, and I am gradually losing all my excitement towards this big festive. I am just happy for the long break that I am going to have in CNY.
Who dare to ask me coming back to work on CNY, I'll kill the person
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Everyday is a great day

Last Saturday, we already had our first Yee Sang at Sushi King.
This mini Yee Sang cost only RM8.80. The girls didn't like Yee Sang. My husband and I finished it all.
The girls preferred Fried Ebi sushi .
My girls are the biggest fans of sushi. After the dinner, we lingered around the mall while waiting for PIL to come and join us for a movie.
We watched the local production, Great Day. It was a great movie.
May be I am a sentimental person or may be I have lost both my parents, so the story of filial was really touched me. There were some parts which could make me shed my tear, and there were also many scenes which could make me laugh so hard.

Overall, it is a very touching, heart warming, meaningful and comedy movie. It is suitable for all ages of audiences too.

After the movie, when we walked  towards our car.
I said," This movie is nice, right? So touching."
Husband said, " Yes, quite a few scenes."
My Little May said, "Not touching, but very very funny. bla bla bla....."
April said, "Yes, the funniest part is....bla..bla..bla..."

As a conclusion, adults feel its touching, kids actually enjoy its funny.

I like this saying the most in this movie,
"Sunny day, rainy day, can also be the great day."  - It depends on how you live each day.
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April's new school bag

When come to school bag, we are the supporter of  a pioneer bag manufacturer in our own town - Poly Pac. April and May's kindergarten school bags were also Poly Pac brand, and I find them really lasting.
This is April's primary 1 school bag. This trolley school bag costs RM80 and it comes with a free hand carry bag.
Her newly bought school bag has a Poly Pac and Smiley logos.
April was a bit disappointed, as she hoped to have Princesses and Barbie Dolls on her school bags. We convinced her to use this school bag, because we really believed in its material and quality.
I wish that the management of Taiping Poly (M) Sdn Bhd  will read this entry and give me a 25% discount voucher for supporting their products. Kekekeke!
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Things that I learned in 2010

Things that I learned in 2010 and I am still learning in 2011 are,

1. Di Zi Gui
I joined the Buddhist Society in April 2010 with my two daughters. We learned Di Zi Gui together on every weekend. Besides, we also learned some basic chanting in the lesson. Now, I have to put Di Zi Gui to practical use in my daily life.

2. Line dance
I just started my beginner's lesson in line dancing on October 2010. In the first two lessons, I was like entering the Lost World, because I was so dummy. When I turned to the left,  others turned to the right. When I turned to the front, others already turned to the back. Arrrgggh!
Now, I feel more comfortable as I have familiarized myself with some basic steps. I am very interested in the line dance and I love going to the line dance lesson.
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A little happiness

I have been so down since 2010 ended. Nothing seems to make my day and everything seems not right.

Last Friday, I managed to resolve the biggest problem in my Fiscal Year Changed project, and my boss treated everyone in the department a lunch at the SSL Traders Hotel.

On weekend, I managed to take a short beauty sleep with my kids to refrain my energy. My mood slowly swings back on right track. I also get back to my husband to be his nice sweet wife. Kiahaahaha!

Today, when I came back to work and I got a message in my FB inbox.

I am certainly feeling not bad, as a mother of two at her late 30 still got admirer to fall for her profile picture. Boohoo!
I am not getting back to his message, because he said do that only if I am interested.
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First day to school in 2011

*Backdated post

I took a day off on this day. Since this was the first day, my time management was not well planned. I got them ready an hour earlier than the expected time. I was so overwhelmed and my girls too, were very excited.
Last year, April and May were studying in a small group (less than 10 students) with one to one teaching concept. This year, I wanted little May to experience the larger group class and expose to different environment.
I only enrolled her to her new kindergarten one day prior to the school start day, and I have already paid RM200 booking fees to her ex-kindergarten. I am not too sure whether her ex-principal will refund me for the short notice of cancellation. Here was my little May with her other 25 classmates. Bravo to my little May, she didn't make any fuss or cry at all. She amazed me with so much of her good behavior on this first day to school. She talked softly to her friend who was next to her, and she joined in the group during the play time. I was surprised to see her adapting so well in the new place.
After dropping my little May and waving goodbye to her, I sent my elder 7 years old to her primary school.  We reached her school half and hour earlier. She found her four kindergarten classmates there.
She is placed to the same class with these 2 boys, but the girl is placed to another class. Primary 1 has 3 classes, and each class has average of 35 students
When April went into the class with her classmates, I went back to May's kindergarten to pick her back, as her school ended earlier for the first 3 days. Taking May with me to April's primary school again at her break time, making sure that she was having snack at the canteen. Going home to settle some housework and bathing my little May. Then, it was time to go and fetch April back from school. That's all the first day to school. Phewwww....
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Primary 1 orientation day

April's school held the Primary 1 orientation day on New Year eve. I requested for an hour time out from work to accompany my precious baby to her school.
FIL too, tagged along and he was the first to lead his precious grand daughter to the direction of her class room.
Could you spot her papa queuing up at the back to pay April's form teacher the school fees and insurance?
Primary students in Year 1 are using One Malaysia new syllabus, so April is so lucky to have a big stack of totally new text and exercise books from the government.
April was very excited to receive her new books on the orientation day.
When these books are to be received by my little May, they won't be as new as these anymore. As they have probably been passed to different students in 2 years time.
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