Reasonable and Yummy Seafood Restaurant in Penang

I was just coming back from the holiday in Penang. I can't wait to share these food pictures with you folks. I met up with my best friend whom I knew in my previous job in Penang. She and her family brought us to Sunshine Bay Seafood Restaurant in Tanjung Bungah.
Although the restaurant didn't look fancy and nice, the food was really awesome.
Please meet my best friend, Su In. Thanks Su In, for reserving and ordering the scrumptious dinner from this restaurant for us. We really enjoyed the food and your company.
 The Kappa Mee Suah was really special and delicious.
The steamed chicken with wine was yummy too.
 The Guinness marinated chicken was finger licking good.
 The Steamed stingray with lemon was generally good.
 The stir-fried noodles with crabs. This was a definite must-order dish.
 The deep fried bean curd was not bad either.
The Tom Yam prawns in coconut shell. The prawns were very big and fresh.

The side order from the Malay satay stall outside the restaurant was quite good also.

With its fresh and generously portioned food with reasonable prices (RM240 for our meal), we will definitely be back on our next trip there.

Click here for the Map Location.

Sunshine Bay Seafood Restaurant
569-B Jalan Tanjung Bungah
11200 Penang
Business Hours: 6.30pm – 10.30pm
Closed on Tuesday
Tel : 012 4737276 & 016 4689168
GPS Coordinates : N5 27.972   E100 16.807


  1. No wonder you went MIA for awhile....

  2. aiyo why are you guys posting all the good on your blog la. baitahan liao. so tempting.lah. everything looks so delicious.

  3. Hey I was in Penang for my holiday too! Didn't get to eat such yummy food though. Those dishes look quite unusual - never heard of kappa mee suah but sure looks deeelicious! Will try to check this place out the next time we're in Penang. Thanks for sharing.

  4. oh no wonder you have been rather quiet these few days :) hope you had a great time in Penang. Gosh, the food is so delicious especially the crab noodle. *slurps*

  5. OMG! I see all the good foods there... making me hungry!!

  6. Oh dear .. The Tom Yam prawns in coconut shell. .... i can smell the tom yam ... hahhahah ... i love tom yam !!

  7. Wow, all those great food~ with some I've never heard the name before, like Kappa mee suah. Very special!

  8. Wah wah wah, the food looks really yummy! And I think your photo skills improve already leh! =P
    I wanna try this restaurant when I go Penang next time..

  9. Drooling over your Penang post lar, especially the Kappa Mee Suah!!! See my saliva wets the key board liao!;p

  10. Wah, all the nice and good food. I just came back from Penang too....

  11. Hi Sheoh Yan, Holy Smoke! I have not seen these kinds of sishes before!
    I love that crab noodles.
    It certainly will be on my list of what to eat when and if I balek kampong to Penang one day.

    Thats a very nice friend you have, as well introducing you to this restaurant. Looks a real good place too....the food alone tells the story.
    Very original foods too, never seen before.
    You have a nice day. Best regards.

  12. I think they renovated this place.. last time it was even more rundown.. i think i posted it up before last time.. they are famous for their mee sua lala...

  13. Sounds really amazing.. I am junkies for foods. I love to eat most of the Mexican and Thai foods. But i honestly say that i like the most steamed stingray with lemon.
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