Handmade Teacher's Day Card

Let me share with you some remarks that my 7 years old, April ever made on me a few months ago. Her school was organizing a CNY songs singing contest. April who could sing My Astro/My FM CNY songs very well, didn't sign up for the contest. When I asked her why she didn't join? She said, "I am scared that you have no time to help me practising the song. You are so busy every time....".

Deep in my heart, I felt rather guilty. My girl has no trust on me in sparing her the time for practising the song. I assured her, "Whatever activity you want to take part, mummy will sure allocate time for me. I can take leaves from my work too, if necessary. "

Last week, April came back and told me that she wanted to take part in creating Teacher's Day card and Mother's day card. She also told me that her teacher was allowing them to source out from Internet for more  ideas.

Deep in my heart, I know I have got no talent in Art or Craft, but I am good in surfing net. lol! Then, I started to google for simpler and more creative handmade card design for April. Once, I got the idea, I gathered all the necessities ready.

Saturday, we have completed the Teacher's Day card, and Tuesday, we have completed the Mother's Day card.
April did most of the cut and paste work herself, and I was there to assist her only 
Things that I got for her were, ribbon, buttons, present paper, card stocks and some cute stick on notes.
The back of the Teacher Day's card.
The cover of the Teacher's Day card. Long champ design with Channel logo. Very expensive design. Kiahahaha!
The content of the Teacher Day's card.

I stole the idea from here. This was our first attempt in creating cards, I am sure we can do much better next time.

Coming up next is Handmade Mother's Day card.


  1. Wow...very nice handbag card. It's branded ok..hehe. Well done Mummy and April. ^_^

  2. LOL at 'Long champ design with Channel logo' :D
    But thumbs up to April, the card looks very neat and nice!

  3. What an expensive bag for April's teacher, a Chanel handbag~ LOL!

    Now, who dare to say you are not talented☺. As long as there's a will, there's a way.

  4. Well done, April and mommy. Waiting to see more creative handy craft from you in future.

  5. hey, very creative... gifted la..

  6. Wao,is so creative and nice bag card! Great design and good job, I wanna learn and do 1 too~

  7. Muahahahah... Channel logo, I bet her teacher will be really proud of her! Nvm mind, me too always curi idea sini sana!;p

  8. Wah, really nice Disney craft and art site, thanks for sharing ya!^-^ See... I gonna Curi idea again, tsk tsk!

  9. Good job, that is a nice card

  10. wow, that is a very nice craft and the bag looks beautiful :) i am very bad at craft too :(