Don't want to eat also cannot

I love durians. Sunday, I bought myself a big durian which cost me RM20.
Open up the durian and keep them into a container for refrigerating. I love eating chill durians.
After taking too much durians on Sunday. I felt deeply guilty, as I supposed to be on diet. Monday, back from work, I was dropped dead tired. But, I still forced myself to the fitness center. I saw a gorilla jumping in front of the mirror when doing the aerobics dance. I hate myself. Sob...sob...Back home. I told my husband that I was going to skip dinner and what so ever food. When I had firmed up my mind for fasting, my beloved FIL dropped by my house with these 'pau' and a pack of fish otak otak from Kuala Sepatang. 
Since I didn't turn up for dinner just now, he assumed that I needed food. He said to me.
Of course, I ate them. It was so hard for me to turn him down and also to waste the food, right?
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Movie: Toy Story 3

As a mother of 2 young children, there’s one movie I've looked forward since beginning of the year — and it’s Toy Story 3.

I brought April and May to meet the Toy Story's old friends like Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and Jessie, and not to forget the new characters like Ken and Barbie dolls in last June school holiday.

My two preschoolers who are old enough to love the idea of going to the movies but far too young to be trusted to sit through a film by themselves. I’m hoping to get more out the experience than the air conditioning and popcorn.

"Toy Story 3" is a gorgeous kid-friendly movie — funny, sweet and clever in the tradition of the best Pixar movies. It’s so easy for Toy Story 3 to hold their full attention, and they required no trip at all to the snack bar and the bathroom. It is a film that essentially had babysat the children for a couple of hours, and one that’s worth the adult time as well.

I especially love the last part of the movie. When Andy plays with Woody, Buzz and all for the very last time, before he bids farewell and leaves for his college. Oh my! I almost cried and tried so hard to hold my tear. It is really a touching scene when Andy describing all his old friends to Bonnie.

After a few weeks, when I read aloud the Toy Story 3 book that I bought in Popular for my children, I again sobbed at the last page. Until I had to finish the last paragraph in my crying voice. Cartoon also can make me so emotional.

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Juice: Rockmelon with milk

Saturday morning, I had a glass of rockmelon with milk. It gave me
  • an excellent source of vitamin C. Just 100g has a whole day’s supply.
  •  a good source of beta carotene and the deeper the orange colour of our flesh, the higher the level.
  • a sufficient source of vitamin A. Beta carotene is converted to vitamin A in the body.
  • a good source of potassium to help balance too much sodium that comes from salty foods.
And, the power of love.He made this and asked me to drink before I left for work.
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Unexpected treats from highly unlikely

My two office buddies have blogged about the goodies that bought by a colleague from China. I also have given my most favourable comments there. Please feel free to check here and here.

An hour later, more snacks were delivered to our cubicles. These unexpected treats were given by someone who is highly unlikely one.

I quickly checked my work station for hidden recorder, how come he could hear us? 3 of  us started to speculate who is the spy, or is him our silent reader too. I hope not. I pray....

Here, Hayley and Yvonne make me taking back what I have said in the comment. He actually bought us something too. Hehehehe!
Told you all before, I am a realistic person wert!
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Bought Red Heel Sandal On Monday

If you read me here. I bought almost everything, started from bag, cosmetic, skin care product, pants, dress, blouse, to sleep wears and  panties in the trip to KL. One reader asked me why I didn't get any shoes, you know who you are. I did go looking for shoes, but I couldn't find anything that suit me. However, when I came back, I noticed that all my working shoes and sandals were almost worn out. Luckily Vincci is still having 20% discount store wide and also 50% discount on selected items.
My new love is a red heel sandals which have an elastic strap around the heel.
The heel is 3 inches platform in gold color.

I started wearing high heels about a year ago only, and I wore only flat heel shoes before that. Because of  my 5 feet and 7.5 inches height, pardon me I dared not wear anything higher than 1 inch.

Now, I was very much inspired by her. She is a shoes high heel lover. She wore heels too throughout her pregnancies. I forget how many times she told me how sexy one woman in high heels, and pushed me to buy one whenever we went buying shoes. I started with buying 2 inches heels, then 2.5 inches and now I bought 3 inches heels without much hesitation. But, I am not sure whether I have the courage to wear more than 3 inches heels in future.

Do you wear heels too? What is the maximum height that you will wear for heels?
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Juice: Dragon fruit with milk

I got myself a Juice recipe book recently. I found the page of making dragon fruit juice with milk. I like everything with milk currently.
My husband didn't really fancy this juice. I slurped all in my stomach. I like dragon fruit very much, as it is rich in Vitamin C and Fiber.

Dragon Fruit Nutrition.

Dragon fruit, also known as pitahaya or pitaya, is the fruit of a cactus and is as beautiful as it is delicious and nutritious. The color of dragon fruit varies from bright yellow to deep magenta. The oval-shaped fruit is about the size of an orange and is covered with spike formations, giving it its dragon nickname. The inside of the fruit is filled with a sweet, semi-translucent pulp and tiny black edible seeds.

Vitamin C
Dragon fruit is a fabulous source of vitamin C, with just 100 grams of dried dragon fruit or one piece of fresh fruit fulfilling almost 50 percent of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's recommended daily intake. Vitamin C is an important immune system support and can even help to shorten the duration and severity of the common cold.

Dragon fruit is packed full of antioxidants, which work to protect the body's cells from damage caused by free radicals that can speed aging and even form cancerous tissues.

For those trying to increase their daily fiber intake, dragon fruit can be a sweet alternative. About half of a large dragon fruit, or 100 grams, can contain up to 1 gram of fiber, while each 100 grams of dried fruit can have more than 10 grams of fiber.

Fat and Cholesterol
Dragon fruit contains numerous tiny, edible seeds, which means it does have some fat. Because the black seeds are so small, removal from the pulpy flesh of the fruit is difficult and requires straining. The majority of fat found in dragon fruit is monounsaturated fat, which generally is considered a healthier form of fat. While many people working to lower cholesterol are concerned about seeds and nuts, dragon fruit can be added to a healthy diet without concern of affecting cholesterol levels.
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Western and Chinese set lunches for <= RM10 only

Lunch Set 1 - Western
My buddies in the office went to enjoy their RM9.90 Western set lunch at LA Promise cafe when I was on leave. Yvonne and Hayley had also blogged about it here and here. They are so sweet. They brought me there again when I came back to work. True enough, great things are meant to be shared. Selfish will turn you into a fisherman next life. My joke is cold. Wakakaka!

Salad was the starter.

Ice lemon tea to quench the thirst.

Breaded fish with Texas sauce was the main course.

Chocolate cake and ice cream was the dessert.

All only RM9.90.

Lunch Set 2- Chinese
A Yoga buddy of mine opened a Chinese restaurant recently. I promised her that I would do some marketing job in my office for her restaurant. Free of charged one!

My buddies again gave their support to Yang Seng Ge, the name of the restaurant. Please see here and here.

Soup + rice + dessert = RM6.50.

Sambal petai as an extra dish

Total bill is around RM10.
Restaurant Yang Sheng Ge (养生阁)

84, Jalan Tupai,
34000 Taiping

Lunch Set 3 - Western

Thank God is Friday and my mood was really good, especially the boss wasn't in the office. Wakakaka! Good mood must have good food. There we went to Nagaria for another <= RM10 Western set lunch.
Cream of mushroom soup with toasted garlic bread as the starter.
The black papper chicken chop.
A cup of coffee and a scoop of ice cream were served after the main course.

One set lunch from Nagaria is only RM9.
Which lunch set you like? Set 1, 2 or 3?
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My first nail art

I bought some nail art sticker some time back. I was thinking to use them on my nail when there is special function. Wait and wait, no function or invitation at all. Before I really master the skill to put on my own nails (In fact, no special skill required.), it was better to use on their hands for practising. April chose the beige as the background.
April's first foot nail art.
Little May chose pink as the background.
Little May's first food nail art.
Boleh tahan boh?
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Soup: Radish and Carrot soup

One day after coming back from KL was Sunday. Like normal Sunday, I boiled soup and prepared meal for the family. The children were attending their replacement Art class. I had 2 hours to do all these; put the 2nd batch laundry to the washing machine; take the 1st batch dry clothes back from the porch; iron 5 uniforms as I was back to work on the next day; cut radish, carrot, ginger, garlic and pork ribs for making soup; boil and cut tomatoes and potatoes for making omelet; keep one eye and two ears on the ASTRO Golden Classic Melody on TV.
Radish and carrot soup with pork ribs. The yellow thing on top of the radish is a slice of ginger.
Skinless tomatoes and potatoes omelet.
When the children were back from the Art class at noon, the lunch was ready. That's my Sunday morning.
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Shopping loots fromm KL

I really had a good time shopping in KL, because a lot of shops are on sales. I didn't shop till I dropped, but I shopped smart till I laughed. Muahahaha!
These are all my proudest purchase. Kiahahahah!
I really enjoyed admiring all my new items, wearing each of them like the fashion parade. Then, I slowly removed their tags and folded them nicely.
La Senza was having sales up to 70%. 5 pieces of panties for RM75. There were so many designs and colours for my size. When I checked on them, I realised that I only chose pink and grey colours one. Why ah? I also don't know. Besides that, I also bought 1 pyjamas and 2 lingerie from La Senza.
Other than that, one item from Cotton On and Kitschen, and two items from Nichii.
Husband was motivated by me to buy 2 slim fit singlets for RM50 from Cotton On too. I teased him for showing off his muscles when putting on them.
I bought this pink girlie hand bag from Bonita at RM13. Later, I was bugged by April for giving it to her, as she said it has a very cute Hello Kitty's bow.
Since April has the pink bag, May also asked for one bag. I bought this at RM23 after 50% discount from Miss T.
April and May love Toy Story very much ever since they watched Toy Story 3 during the last school break. I found this Toy Story 3 limited edition Read-Aloud Storybook from Popular Bookstore at RM15.90. April asked me to wrap it with transparent plastic paper. She loves this book to bits, because she has all her ambiguous scenes answered by reading the story from the book herself.
Lastly, the above items weren't bought in KL. After taking a good night sleep at home sweet home, I went to pasar pagi on Sunday early morning. I couldn't resist to buy the lovely pink Hello Kitty and Minnie pyjamas for April and May, one stripy dress for May and one short pants for April. All 4 items cost me another RM75 poorer.
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4D3N stay at KL: Day 3 and Day 4

Friday morning, husband left to work. The children and me went for buffet breakfast. After breakfast, back to the room and changed into swimming costume. We went swimming again.

I skipped lunch due to the heavy breakfast, and only let the children take milk with honey star and coco crunch. I did some revision with them, but we were not allowed to take nap this day. We needed to check out at noon. Husband came back to help packing luggage during his lunch hour. So, we had 3 hours to kill, before he could come to join us at 5pm. The nearest interesting place that we could linger was Sunway Pyramid again. Husband called a taxi for us to go there.

We spent almost 2 hours for shopping until they saw the playground. We killed the last hour at the playground. I was so boring. Standing there, and watching them playing like mad. That time, I hoped that I could bump into my blogging friend Barb and Lady Gaga Ashley. Too bad, I couldn't find their shadows.

When my two legs were really sored and tired, I asked them to stop playing and together we went to sit on the bench.
They didn't sit, they leaned forward to 'keypoh' at the people down stair. Thank Goodness that husband came at 5pm sharp sharp and I could hear drumming from my stomach. We went to Esquire Kitchen, because the girls wanted to eat their favourite sweet and sour pork (Gu Loh Yuk) rice. Again, I had to sacrifice Full House.

After dinner, we went to Cyber Jaya because husband needed to play for the company badminton tournament on Saturday. We checked in the Hotel Empress. When I saw this hotel, I totally lose all my interest to take photos. So, no photos for Day 4 in KL.

Please stay tune for my shopping loots from KL.
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4D3N stay at KL: Day 2

Thursday morning, my husband left for work earlier. We went for buffet breakfast, which was included in the room charge.
I tried to feed the children as much as I could, as we planned to skip the lunch and went for an early dinner when the papa returned from work at 5pm.
Taking some pictures for the girls around the hotel.
Then, we back to the room and quickly changed into swimming costumes.
I didn't managed to fill up their floaters, so we just played for a short while at the baby pool in the morning.
I promised the girls that their papa would bring them back here again in the evening.
One compliment to Holiday Villa. It has 2 very nice and big swimming pools for adult.
And, 2 more smaller pools for the children and babies.
One Jacuzzi. I saw the hotel having a very well-maintained and well-equipped fitness and gym room too.
As per what I had promised, the girls and the pa pa went swimming again in the evening. This time they were wearing the arm floaters.
Being a bit kiasu, as they were 'ponteng' from school for 2 days. I brought along their text and work books. I did an hour revision with both of them in the room before their nap, while pa pa was still busy with his work.
We went to Empire Shopping Gallery for dinner and shopping in the evening. That's all my 2nd day in KL.

...to be continued....
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4D3N stay at KL: Day 1

7 - 10 July 2010 we were in KL for 4D 3N holiday. In fact it was a holiday for the children and me only. My husband was actually there for business. Wakakaka! We tagged along for a free stay in Hotel Holiday Villa at Subang for 2 nights and Hotel Empress at Cyber Jaya for 1 night. Very shiok!
This hotel room is very big and cozy though the furniture is a bit old. It is rated as 5 star hotel. We didn't know to appreciate Holiday Villa until we saw Hotel Empress on the last night. Hotel Empress is the copy of Hotel First World at Genting. Small and stuffy. T__T
The divider between bed and closet.
There is also a pantry.
The most important for my children is the bathtub in the bathroom.
The first place we went was Sunway Pyramid. We were all hungry and tired after the 3.5hours journey from the North. We settled the dinner at Tony Romas. I was actually hoping to dine at Full House since I saw the paint of "Full House Opening Soon" at my last year visit, but my husband likes the Beef Ribs at Tony Romas very much. In order to show my appreciation to him for driving us here and allowing us to tag along for holiday, so I gave in to his choice.
The girls enjoyed their turkey ham spaghetti and later the sundae as the dessert.
We let them skip the school on Thursday and Friday because of this trip. We cannot do this anymore when April is in the primary 1 next year.
After the dinner, it was my of-course shopping time. I dropped by SaSa, Nichii and Elianto & Bonita Sales. To my surprise, many shops is having sales.
This environmental friendly teddy bear is the decoration of Bonita and Elianto Anniversary Sales.
My two princesses were looking forward to the fun at the hotel swimming pool on the next day.
...to be continued....
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