My husband stares at the nude body

Yesterday, I took another half day off in the afternoon. I went for a movie date with my husband.

We watched my husband's favourite actor, Donnie Yen's new movie "Legend of the Fist. The Return of ChenZhen". My husband likes Donnie Yen's martial art a lot.

He would never miss any of Donnie Yen's movies. Other movies, he could be easily settled with DVD or downloaded online, but he must watch Donnie Yen's martial art in BIG screen. My husband would really high when he watched Donnie's Yen doing his martial art fighting with his hundreds  over of enemies. If you watched IP Man and ChenZhen before, you should know what I mean by one man's battle against a huge group of Japanese.   
My husband was quite funny one. When he watched Donnie Yen fighting until tearing his shirt, he was like reaching his real orgasm excitement. lol!
Other than admiring his martial art, my husband is actually adoring his well built and masculine body shapes too.
This gorgeous body can certainly turn on any one, be it female or male. He has the body to die for. My husband is drooling over his body. My husband wants to have his body dearly.I m wondering, if he and me go nude together, who will my husband stare at?


  1. Hahahaha! Of course he'll choose you la! He can't do anything with Donnie, right? But with you, ahem things could get wild, lol!!

    p/s: looked at over-posted pics of Donnie, now getting dizzy.

  2. You know something,i am trying hard to sculpture a body like his, trying trying... i think i can do it.

    it is always nice to have good body shape,it makes you feel so good,you can just wear anything and looking good in it,, long short,whatever,,,,

    i am still trying and trying..

    my role model is still aaron kwok hahahahah, cos we share same birthday

    take care now and have a great weekend ya

  3. LOL.. I never know Donnie Yen is your hubby's idol, until you told me..
    Have to admit Donnie's body is really muscular, no wonder he needs to show off in most of his movies.. ;)

  4. Hahah... agree with Yvonne, definitely you la!

    What if he and donnie go nude together, who will you stare at? =P

  5. Definitely you lah. You are funny...hehe.

  6. Hahaha...i'm laughing while reading ur entry here...U r so funny!

  7. Yvonne, I don't have the confidence myself.

    Eugene, Aaron Kwok's body is not bad too. You also do body building ah? It is good to keep fit.

    Hayley, he was showing off his asset in all his movies. Can't be blamed, this is his another selling point other his martial art.

    Wonderful Life, good question from you. My husband is also trying to achieve Donnie's kind of body. I am waiting patiently. Hope that he can achieve one day.

    Mummy Gwen, I have no confident la!
    My husband is drooling over Donnie's body.

    Angeline, thanks for laughing, that's the whole thing of my post. He is more funny than me.

  8. wow, i didnt know donnie yen has 6 packs like that. let me tell my hubby cos he likes him too.

  9. Haha.. You are funny. My hubby likes him too.. especially in Yip Mun..

  10. LOL! Good question that you pose here! Hahahaha! I like Donnie Yen's martial arts too and the roles he played in those Ip Man shows - righteous, justice and humble as well. Wow....all the while I never knew Donnie Yen has posed in those masculine poses before becos I don't remember seeing him go topless in any of those Ip Man shows. Actually I am surprised too to see him pose in his briefs and with legs squat open some more! *Grin* LOL! Thanks for sharing about the sexy side of Donnie Yen! ^_^

  11. Barb and Inpireds Momx1, didn't so many men like him now. I didn't like him last time, but he is getting famous. Now I find him ok la! But his body really makes me drooling also. hehehe!

    Alice, the photos are an eye opener for you. Do you need a cup of ice water after looking at the pictures?

  12. Oh, yes, indeed, I'll need that! LOL! All the while, in all his Ip Man shows, he portrays the family man image, then suddenly his sexy side...hahaha....I almost lose my footing! LOL!

  13. Well, he has indeed the frame of body that every guy on earth dreams and dying for, kiahahaha!

  14. of course your husband will choose you lah. silly question. BUT man he is HOTTTTTTT *drooling*

    Have a happy weekend!
    jen @ www.charmoflife.ca

  15. Hwiyee, Donnie may be too old for you to idol, but his body line is perfect.

    Alice, you are so true.

    Jenny, me too, drooling.

  16. hahaha.......of course choose you la!

    Wow... I din know Donnie's yan got such muscular body......so sexy.

  17. Hahaha... I can't imagine my man "loving" another man to this extent lah. But I must say that Donnie Yan is really sexy. He's not young but still looks so youthful and yau-yeng!

  18. sheoh,
    this is a nice 6 pack. this ought to motivate your husband.

  19. He is yummy! I agree with your husband.

  20. LOL, such a funny post and ermmm questionable question at the end....I can't stop laughting!