All About Me

Today I'm going to just blog about myself very randomly. I born in OX year, so I'm 36 years old. I have 2 daughters, April is 5 years old and May is 3 years old. My husband was my first boy friend. He is also the man who I want to be with for the rest of my life, and my next life. Am I too greedy?

I love to eat 'buah petai', pumpkin, CNY cookies, 'Dong Sui' 糖水, all spicy food and sweet desserts.

I love to drink coffee and green tea.

I love reading fashion magazines, shopping, singing karaoke and watching TVB series.

I idol Leslie Cheung and Leon Lai.

I watched 《流星花园》and 《宫》more than 3 times.

I like mathematics.

I'm sociable and out spoken.

I like yoga and aerobics.

My weakness is no patience.

My strength is my confidence.

I want to be housewife, and I still want to enjoy my income, so I am in dilemma.

I'm a forever dieter, as I never find my weight is ideal.

Some says I'm a perfectionist, and I think I'm just being a bit demanding.

I love to take nap.

I can't be my normal self if I lack of sleep.

I love babies.

I'm fair and tall (5 ft 7.5 in).

I have double eye lids and cheerful smile.

I can speak Mandarin, Hokkien, Cantonese, Malay and English.

I shower every time I sweat.

Now, I work for the money and not for the interest.

I love spending my time with my children and husband.

I'm a very frank and open-minded person.

I don't know how many people read my blog, and I'll continue to blog.

Last but not least, most of my friends call me Yan.

P/S: Please add in the list if you think you know me well.
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Special Occasion 25 Feb

Upon waking up, I have received several SMS greeting from a few buddies and sister. Thank you.

Reached office, wishes came in words, e-cards, SMS and facebook wall. Thank you.

Buffet lunch at SSL Trader hotel with Mei, Angeline, and Lorita. Thank you.

Guess wallet from hubb (chosen by me and paid by him). Thank you.

At night, Happy Birthday Mummy Longan cake from hubb and 2 cheeky girls. Thank you.

We took random photos with the cake.


Kisses from 2 angels.

Make a wish! Wish for health and happiness for my family.

Blowing candles,

At home, house wife look, zero makeup.

At office, executive look, basic makeup.

Since, I have the thought to be a full time mom, so I took these photos just to make comparison.

The following photos were actually taken last week. My department colleagues bought the cakes for 3 of us (Khoo, Yew and myself) whom were celebrating the Birthday in February.
Another cake.

Here we were listening to the Birthday Song.

Cut cake ceremony

Last night, I received a phone call from my long silence best friend in Singapore - Bee Lee, a mother of 4 children. Thanks for calling and you make my big day even more special. I was so glad to chit chat with you. Bee Lee, I hope you read this, miss you!
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I bought them

My best friend starts her new online boutique recently. To my surprise, some of the items are quite nice. So, in order to support her, I bought them and they become my loves now.

Item 1. Small black jacket

This jacket is good to match with any outfit.

Item 2. Green colar blouse

I'll wear it with jeans too.

Item 3. Black sexy long T

I'm definitely going to wear something as bottom, be it jeans or leggings.
This month is my Birthday, so it is nothing wrong to buy some cloth, even if CNY was just over, right? Good excuse, wtf.
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When husband not at home

Husband was away for a fire fighting course at Johor last whole week. So, how my children felt and I felt when he was not at home for several days. Frankly I wasn't missing him that much, as I was so tied up. My children were asking me where was the father. When I told them that the father was at work, they seemed fine. Due to their father is a shift worker, the children have used to not seeing the father for certain nights.

Nevetheless, there were some things that I wasn't that used to be:

1. Came back home from work, I needed to sweep the porch.
2. I needed to arrange my bed and my children beds.
3. I needed to boil the water and keep in the thermos.
4. I needed to empty the dustbin.
5. I needed to wash dishes after meals.
6. I needed to put the laundry to wash.
7. Some domestic work that I normally didn't do when he was around.

So, you may ask, what am I normally do at home? My duties were just,

1. bath, change, play, feed, read and talk to my children. In brief, just taking care of my children.
2. fold and iron the cloth.
3. That's all, I really cannot think of anything else already.

On the other hands, my hubb duties were,

1. sweeping and moping the floors, cleaning the toilets, watering the plants, and etc. In brief, he cleans the whole house. His job is super good. I think 2 Indonesian maids group up also cannot beat his super duper hard work.
2. Boiling water, washing dishes, arranging the beds, putting the laundry into washing machine, washing the floor mats.
3. Almost everything single thing that you could name in the domestic task.

After putting my children to bed, I was so exhausted and dozed off immediately.
So, now you know why I was no time to miss him, as I was too busy doing the jobs that I normally wouldn't do.
Dear, you still dare to send me these photos that you took during your training. Do you know how much I suffered when you was not around? Although you are not romantic at all, you are such a caring, responsible and hardworking father/husband. Thanks for your love and support. Last but not the least, thanks for being my husband.

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I like dressing them

I enjoy dressing up my two girls, and my two girls enjoy being dressed up too. I guess that's why the God gifted me two girls. Although they are not twins, they are just a siblings with 2 years apart, I like dressing them like twins. I normally got them same design with different colors, or same color with different designs.

These were the very first same design T-shirts, April was in beige, May was in blue.

These were the pyjamas which have Aurora printed. April was in pink, and May was in yellow.

This was the most recent one. Both were having Minnie, pink and white straps T-Shirts, and buttons on each side of the pants. Very good example of same color and different designs.

Hello Kitty house cloth. April was in Pink, and May was in Red.

Chinese style T-shirts.

Polka dots princess dress. April was in blue and May was in brown.

Sleeveless dress. April was in apple green, and May was in Pink.
Actually, there were many more pictures, but I couldn't locate them one by one. So, that's all for now.
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Last Valentine's 14/2

This is an entry of the last Valentine's day. No surprise, no romantic, no flower and no gift as usual. We went out as a happy family for a lunch. Why lunch? Hubb wanted to avoid the crowd. So, it was not a dinner. I was a bit of disappointed and trying very hard to accept the excuse.

On the way to The Gate. Though I knew, the atmosphere during lunch would not be as good as dinner, I still put on light make up to make myself look better.

As a mom of two girls, definitely I have less excitement on Velentine's Day. However, I did have a small expectation for this day, because I am quite a sensible person.

Upon arriving the place, we ordered the lunch right away. We ordered sizzling hot plate noodles, spaghetti, tom yam soup, black pepper chicken chop and ice-cream as the dessert.

While waiting for the food, we took pictures randomly. Little May is so serious in this picture.

Dessert time. Strawberry single scoop for April and also May.

Although this Valentine's day wasn't any special, I still hope that we can have some kind of celebration for every Valentine's day to come.
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They've got well

As stated in my previous entry, April and May were down with very bad food poisoning just 6 days before the CNY. They were hospitalised due to dehydration and bacteria infection.

20 Jan - 22 Jan (3 days) : Sick, puking and diarrhoea for the entire 3 days.

23 Jan - 27 Jan (5 days) : Weak, no more puking, still diarrhoea and no appetite. April lost 1 kg and May lost 0.5 kg. Although the weight lost was not a lot, but they looked significantly thinner than before.

28 Jan -3 Feb (1 week) : Up and active again, appetite is picking up well. April gained 0.5kg and May also gained 0.5kg.

4 Feb - 10 Feb (1 week): April gained back the 1 kg and May gained additional 0.5kg. This result was due to the pressure that I have given to my babysitter. That mean she has prepared better nutritious food for my children.

In a nut shell, my children have sicked for 1 week, recovered fully in 2 weeks, and showed improvement in 3 weeks. What else am I looking for? This is simply the best gift for my family Valentine's.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends and love ones.
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Happy Chap Goh Meh

Time flies, today is the last day of CNY and also a replacement holiday for Thaipusam. Too bad, I need to work, as my company doesn't off on Thaipusam, Awal Muharam and as well as Wesak, these 3 main religious days.

On the 12th day of CNY, hubb dropped us at sister's house at Ipoh when he was on his way to his company CNY dinner. Then, Sister brought us to the largest Pasar Malam at Ipoh. It was great, and I was so glad that I could catch up with sister again. These were some photos that I took for my children, my nephew and my sister.

On the 13th day of CNY, I was thinking of getting myself a purple crystal bracelet long ago. Since Valentines Day is just another week to go, I asked hubb to buy it for me as my Valentines gift. Hubb was so happy that he doesn't need to think of what to buy. Finally, this is my the bracelet that I choose.

Why Violet?
Violet is a combination of blue and red. Red is a focusing, dynamic and active energy while blue is cooling, calming and expansive. Violet brings a new dynamic to the expansion of blue and the activity of red. Red brings practicality to the undirected expansiveness of the blue, and allows more creative energy to emerge. For this reason, violet is associated with imagination and inspiration.
Put some violet in your life when you want:
to use your imagination to its fullest
to re-balance your life
to remove obstacles
to calm overactivity or to energize from depression

Yesterday, and also the 14th day of CNY. Again, we went to Ipoh to visit hubb's grand aunty, who is already 95 year old. April and May were very exciting for the long car ride again, and also very happy with the beautiful dresses that I put on them. We managed to capture the family portrait too. 2009 CNY family portrait.

April and May were so happy with their polka dots dresses.

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All's Well End's Well 2009

On the 5th day of CNY, hubb and I watched the above movie, which cast by Raymond Wong Pak Ming, Ronald Cheng, Louise Koo and Sandra Ng.

This was the first movie we watched after having kids and without bringing kids.

After buying ticket, we still had time to have a very satisfying lunch at Kenny Roger. This was our effort to enjoy the couples time besides the family time that we used to have.

Overall, the movie was so so only, as we only smiled at the jokes but not laughed at it.
I still like the first All's Well End's Well (1992) best, no one can beat Leslie Cheong and Stephan Chow in that movie.
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Study Time

Once my children turn into presch00lers, we have scheduled a study/revision time for them every day. We'll do it every evening after the dinner on weekdays, as this is the time that is fine for a working mom like me. If it is on weekend, hubb and I'll share the job of supervising their work. Both hubb and I think that is good to schedule the study time and get it fixed into their ritual. Other than bedtime, bath time, milk time, TV time, play time, nap time, story time, they also have a fix study time. That will be more well-balanced routine for a preschooler like April and May.

When April is doing the spelling exercise.

May is colouring.

Colouring has less stress when compare to spelling. So, May can still focus at the camera.

Home schooling concept.

April asked the Guru, what is the next spelling word?

Here the Guru.

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