Eating too much already


I felt myself really eating too much and too heavy recently. Since 2 weeks ago, I was craved with Durians. Don't get me wrong. Not only pregnant women have certain craves. Imma such a durians lover, so walloped a lot of durians and felt damn guilty. Last weekend, MIL stroked the lottery, she treated us the seafood dinner at Matang. On the following day, again she prepared a large pot of nasi lemak for thanks-praying to 'Datuk Kong', as she believed that 'Datuk Kong' was the one to let her win the money, wtf. Then, I attended the farewell dinner for Yong on Tuesday evening. Yesterday, I went and ate porridge seafood at Matang with a group of colleagues. As a result, I dare not weigh myself. I hate knowing my weight before I really go on strict diet. So, my goal from August onwards is to lose weight. Yan, please use whatever strength that you have, just to lose weight. I'm sure you can do it. Don't let me look down on you, you must in control of your own body.

Some photos which I took in Yong's farewell. Today is her last day. Change is always for the better. Wish you best of luck for all your future undertakings. I wonder when will be my farewell then.

Group photos.

Another group photos.

I like this photos so much, as I look so slim in this photos.

Today I went out lunch with Yong and also the rest of the colleagues, just to celebrate her last day lunch with us. We went to Secret Recipe, I ordered the Singapore Laksa. I felt so sinful, so I didn't finish it. As I planned to eat few slices of plain bread for lunch only, so sad that my plan was spoilt. Nevermind, I'll work even harder. Gambateh.

From left: Yong, Mei, Angeline, Khoo, Sim and Lorita Leong.

me, Mei and Angeline.

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Princesses and Barbie Dolls

One of the favourite toys for girl is barbie doll. Before the arrival of May, we have bought 2 barbie dolls for April. It was very kind of April to give one her barbie to May, when May becomes her playmate. After they fell for Disney Princesses, we bought Aurora barbie for April and Cinderella barbie for May. Altogther they now have four barbies.

My princesses are drinking honey from the bottles.

Special thanks to Aunty Angeline for the nice tiaras.

April helps to change their dresses most of the time. She is also asking me to buy new cloths for their barbies.

From left: Aurora, April (the second barbie that we bought), Cinderella, May (the first barbie that we bought).
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Congratulations! Carina Lau and Tony Leong Wedding

Congratulations to Carina and Tony. These gorgeous and charming couples have been together for 19 years, and finally got married on 21.7.2008. I wish they are like the ancient fairy tales Prince and Princess, live together happily ever after.

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Quantity is together, Quality is forever!

This the pink banner that have my winning slogan printed on it. I didn't know about it until Lorita Leong told me that. I was so excited and took a picture of it to blog. Pink is April's favourite color. So, I was so proud that my slogan was printed in pink, and the rest of the banners are in different colors.

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How a busy working mom to stay healthy?


I have talked about my daily supplements in my earlier post. I still have some daily routine that I am always trying to follow, in order to make myself stay healthy and feel good.

1. Drink a cup of warm water right after waking up, and before brushing my teeth.
(it believes to have better result, if you can drink the water even before you make any conversation.)

2. Take breakfast.

3. Drink plenty of water.
(not limit to 8 glasses, as many as you can take)

4. Do exercise at least 2 times a week.
(I do yoga, jogging and aerobics, preferably 3 times a week)

5. Ideal life is having peace of mind everyday.
(this is quite hard to achieve, due to I'm a normal human being, so I do have certain extent of worrisome, fear, tension and anger)

6. Shit every day.

7. Smile always.

8. Self examining my breast during shower.

9. Take my daily supplements, Kordel's C Time and EPO.

10. Applying body lotion on hands and legs right after bath.

11. Applying facial mask twice a week.

12. Eat varieties of food, but cut down on carbohydrate intakes, eat more fruit and veggie.

13. Exfoliating the face and body once a week.

14. Applying the anti-wrinkles serum on the entire face, including eye areas and neck every night before bedtime.

15. Wearing minimal make up to work.
(For me are lips stick, mascara and 2-way cake with UV proctection.)
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My daily supplements

Before I was a mom, I didn't any food supplements. Nowadays, I need to have something which can boost up my immune system and overall well-being.
I am a person who don't really trust any Direct Selling products. I find them are way too expensive then they worth. In another word, I feel that the direct selling products are all over-priced. So, I always get my best supplements from Watson, Giant or any other pharmacies.

1. C Time from Kordel's, as I want to prevent myself from getting flu, cold, cough and sore throat. If I got any of the desease, it will sure pass down my poor children. So, C Time is my choice to get rid of the allergy symptoms.

C TIME ACID FREE C 1000mg is a high strength non-acidic form of Vitamin C, formulated from calcium ascorbate and citrus bioflavonoids.
Calcium ascorbate is a neutral, natural form of vitamin C that is held in the body longer than ordinary Vitamin C, thus increasing its effectiveness. In addition, when Vitamin C is excreted in the urine, it also increases excretion of essential minerals such as calcium. By taking Vitamin C in the form of calcium ascorbate, calcium that is excreted can be replenished and calcium deficiency prevented.
Bioflavonoids are compounds found naturally with Vitamin C, which help to improve the absorption of Vitamin C. Both Vitamin C & bioflavonoids also work synergistically to protect the structure of capillary blood vessels.

What is it for?
Maintain immune system - fight infection, cold & flu
Maintain connective tissue — aid tissue healing & wound repair
Ideal for those with sensitive digestion who cannot tolerate acidic form of Vitamin C.

Take 1 tablet daily with food

2. Evening Primrose Oil, it is for the skin, the hormone and it believed to delay aging at the same time.

EVENING PRIMROSE OIL (EPO) provides 10% gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), an essential omega 6 which is often missing from our diet. GLA is necessary for the production of prostaglandin E1 series (PGE1) which is needed in the regulation of many body functions.
Evidence suggests that symptoms of Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) are related to deficiency of GLA. EPO being a direct source of GLA could help to reduce the symptoms of painful menstruation and relieve some of the symptoms of PMS. EPO has also been used to treat skin problems due to its unique fatty acid content. Significant reduction in inflammation and itching has been reported in eczema patients who are given EPO supplementation. EPO also exhibit anti-inflammatory effect on swollen and painful joint conditions in arthritis.
Every batch of KORDEL’S EVENING PRIMROSE OIL is tested for peroxide level both at the point of extraction and after encapsulation to ensure freshness of the Omega 6 oils.
What is it for?
Relief of premenstrual syndrome
Skin problems such as eczema
Relief symptoms of arthritis
Take 2 capsules 3 times a day, preferably with food
Take 1 capsule 3 times a day, preferably with food

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The 12 layers of virus!

I was wondering when seeing the title, what is this 12 layers of virus? Thanks Yvonne, she said that she thought I do not have any topic to blog, so just tagged me nia! So thoughtful of you!

Layer 1: On The Outside
Name: If you read my blog, then you should know la!
DOB: 25 Feb (Since it is economy downtime, i don't expect a lot of present, but SMS, MSN or YM, can right?)
Current Status: Married with 2 kids
Eye Colour: Dark Brown
Hair Colour: Dark Brown
Righty or Lefty: Righty

Layer 2: On The Inside
Your Heritage: Chinese - Teow Chiew
Your Fears: My children fall sick.
Your Weaknesses: Think too much.
Your Perfect Pizza: None!

Layer 3: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow
Your Thoughts First Waking Up: How I wish the dawn will never come?
Your Bedtime: 11pm onwards.
Your Most Missed Memory: Dating time with my hubb, so sweet....

Layer 4: Your Pick
Pepsi or Coke: neither
McDonald’s or Burger King: neither
Single or Group Dates: Single (as very seldom to have such opportunity now)
Adidas or Nike: Both are fine.
Tea or Nestea: Should be tea, green tea is tea also right?
Chocolate or Vanilla: Vanilla
Cappuccino or Coffee: Anything taste like cafe I also like.

Layer 5: Do you…
Smoke: Tried before and found that I hate it.
Curse: Boss and stupid users.
Have a crush: Always when knowing a good looking and tall guys last time.
Think you’ve been in love: With him, my first and only man.
Go to school: April's nursery
Want to get married: Already did it legally in 2000.
Believe in yourself: Yes, I born with good intution.
Think you’re in health freak: Yes I do.

Layer 6: In The Past Month Have You…
Drank Alcohol: No
Gone to the mall: Yes
Been on the stage: No
Eaten Sushi: Yes
Dyed your hair: Plan to do this month if time permits.

Layer 7: Have You Ever…
Played a stripping game: Not yet.
Changed who you were to fit in: Don't dare to change anymore.

Layer 8: You’re Hoping
To be Married: No la! Once is enough.
For a: Date with Leon Lai

Layer 9: In a Gal (for guys in a boy)
Best Eye + Best Hair Colour Combination: Still not perfect.
Short Hair or Long Hair: Long hair.

Layer 10: What Were You Doing
1 Min Ago: Writing this blog
1 Hour Ago: Writing earlier blog entry - A doctors or a chefs?
4.5 Hour Ago: On the phone with users, hubb, babysitter. MSN Louissa, Su In and Angeline.
1 Month Ago: 1 June was Sunday. I am a typical house wife on Sunday. Cook and babysit my children.
1 Year Ago: Out of memory space.

Layer 11: Finish The Sentence
I Love: my home sweet home
I Feel: sleepy
I Hate: fat
I Hide: nothing
I Miss: my princesses April and May.
I Need: you, baby.

Layer 12: Tag 5 People
Since Yvonne has tagged most of my freinds who blog too, so I left only 2 to tag.
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Doctors or Chefs?

Grand nannies bought a doctor play set and masak-masak set for them. April chose the doctor set and May chose the masak-masak. I was a bit worried that these 2 different play sets would bring me another sibling crisis back home. So....Before the play was started, I told them that once I heard them quarrelling, the play has to be stopped, and everyone would go to bed immediately.

Hehehe...this works fantastically. See how they played with their new toys.

Without skipping their routine visit to potty, they played with their stethoscopes hanging on their neck.

They busy prepared and fed each other medicine and food.

Having their meal on the potties. Yucks....

As long as they can play and share their toys without making any compliant to me, I'm the happiest mother on earth, but this will not last long.
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