May is already 25 month old

After having April as our first precious baby girl. We were actually hoping that our 2nd baby would be a boy. I could still remember that hubb and I were quite disappointed to know the baby was a girl again. We always worried that we might not love her as much as April. I also concerned that she might not be as smart as April too, as I didn't read, sing, and talk that much to her during the pregnancy. I was so scared that I had less bondage with her.
Today she was already 25 month old, she speaks fluent, she plays puzzle and Lego well, she likes drawing, and learns fast. What else should I worry about? Just that, when we really take closer look at both of them, April is fair and meaty, and May is tan and skinny; April is noisy and playful, and May is quiet and shy; April is rough and May is soft. They are unique in their own way.
Yesterday evening, when April was attending her weekly art class, I alone with her. She was so well-behaved. She wanted to do her art too. I let her use April's study desk and chair. Poor little May, only dared to sit on April's chair when the Jie Jie was not around. She was very concentrated, and asking me to look at her colouring work on and off.
She is picking up quite well, we shall not worry too much, and shall only love her more.
p/s: 1. She has fully trained-trained at month 21.
2. She has given up her dummy at month 22.
3. She has no need to sleep in Sarung at month 24.
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As like what I mentioned in my previous entry, I went for a facial on Saturday, and I spent about RM250 there. My facial was RM68, the rest I spent on the JE Exfoliation Mask (42), Sea Collagen & Hydration serum, Koti (哥弟) 2 ways cake and makeup removal. I also bought a pair of fake lashes in S&M, Giant when I went to shop for April's hair band. I get my beautician to fix them for me, so that I could learn the tips from her.

After the facial, I reached home at about 4pm. Still 3 hours to go before the wedding dinner. I decided to wear my sauna belt to burn some of my tummy fat, in order to free up some rooms for the meal later. I managed to make myself sweat a bit for about 1 hour. At the same time, I picked up some reading on the parenting books that I bought long ago. While reading the books, I was thinking of my two little monsters, they were still at the baby sitter's place. I hope they were doing fine there.
5.30pm, we went to fetch April back. Before I could get myself ready, I have to bath and change April into her gown first.

Ta Da, we were ready to go out now.

I love the Koti 2 ways cake very much, as it makes me look so oil free and flawless.
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Medley II

09-Jun:Monday blue wtf. Early in the morning, boss assigned new job and additional responsibility to Yvonne and myself. He told us that it was time to expand our job scope, and have to pass our expertise to new hire in future. I had a lot ??????? in my mind. What the heck he is planning to do? Passing down the expertise that we gained through so many years of experienced and hardship, wah! you think so easy ah?
At the same time, we have to acquire new skills that equally hard for us, as we are lacking of fresh mind and free time. But, what the hell can we say? He is boss. We still need the job.
Late in the afternoon, I suddenly received a call from the nanny. I could hardly hear her voice through the phone. I could hear clearly that April was screaming and crying so loud from the background. My heart sank deeply. I wanted to be there as soon as I could, but I couldn't. We were warned that we are not allowed come in later than 8.15am and leave earlier than 5.30pm. Wtf, who set such stupid and inflexible rules? Too bad that I have to suppress my eagerness to reach April immediately. This is the bad point of a working mom. I feel so remote every time the children need me.
Finally, I reached baby sitter's home at 5.45pm. After listening to the nanny, I couldn't help my disappointment towards April, and the next time I caned her angrily. Nanny was actually complained to me that she was dominant on the choice of cloth that May was to wear. When her sister and babysitter refused to follow her, she was mad and throwing terrible tantrum.
As a result, I felt pitiful and guilty to see April's arms and legs were swollen and bruised. I guess I still need to read a lot of parenting book. I wish to have better ways of handling this kind of issues. Why can't I be more patient and sympathetic? April deserved a chance to explain, and I promised to discipline children with love earlier.

10-Jun: This was a date of our marriage registration 8 years ago. To my surprise, hubb could remember the date when I was totally ignorant. 如果真的有来世,我还是会选你做我的老公。
Thanks for your love, your care, your support, and everything.

I claimed my Valentines, Birthday and Anniversary gifts at one time.

11-Jun: Finally all my ??????? were answered. Why are we suddenly assigned additional jobs while our own jobs are still with us (no new hire so far)? Yong is leaving us soon, boss finally announced. So, Yvonne and I were to take over her jobs. It is always not a pleasant news to have, when we are appointed to take over a resignee's job. We got to have some EQ, in order to accept this job calmly. I try to think positive and convince myself that it is a chance to learn new knowledge, wtf.

12-Jun: April returned home with her 2 first father's day cards. Mandarin teacher taught her to fold and decorate a man shirt card. Art teacher taught her to draw and color a father bear and baby bear card.

Papa, you deserved them. So many loves that you sweeties pie drew for you.

13-Jun: The hand over training were officially started for several days since the announcement. The learning process is quite slow, I have to admit that age is catching up and I really need a lot of practices to cope with the job.

14-Jun: Working Saturday for me. This evening, hubb, April and I shall attend a wedding dinner of my childhood friend. We don't bring May, as we believe that she is still too small for such function. Let me think of what to wear tonight. April has already decided on wearing her favourite pink gown from Bandung. I shall drop by Giant later to get her a nice hair band to match her gown. Besides, I have also scheduled myself a facial at noon, my face needs a thorough housekeeping.
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Teluk Batik Family Day 2

07-06, 10am - I cooked the pork meat porridge when they were still in their bed, and hubb was out for the sport carnival. When both of them woke up and finished their milk. Again, I let them bath in the tube. They were enjoying themselves with all the beach set toys. After the bath, it was about lunch time, I fed them the pork porridge.

12pm - Hubby called me from the lobby, asking me to join him at the lunch buffet. The food were all as expected, hot and spicy for my children. Luckily, they were full already. I gave them some pineapple as their dessert, while I was enjoying my own food. After the lunch, we took some photos at the pool side.

April, May and mommy.
April and May.
May fell down while we were walking to the beach yesterday. These were the scratches on her knees. Pain, pain, so pitiful....
April, May and Papa.

April and May: "Mommy, we want to swim here this evening.".
Mommy: "Can, we have to go back and must take a nap first.".

5.30pm - Yeah, we were in the swimming pool. This was the first time that May was in the pool. She was quite scared iniitially. After a while, she was also having fun in the water. Before we could enjoy longer, it was started to rain. Then, quickly we went back to the apartment to wash ourselves. We had to get ready for the Hawaiian theme dinner soon.
8pm - We arrived at the dinner place.
Hawaiian girl.
Hawaiian baby.
Too bad, none of us won the Hawaiian fashion contest. The organizer was too racist and being too bias to Malays. All prizes were won by Malays. We were so pissed off, as it was so unfair, the winners were not wearing as per theme. April was so down and disappointed. This was also causing her to throw some tantrum late at night.
Anyway, life isn't perfect. Things aren't always what they seem. We all have to learn to accept it.
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Teluk Batik Family Day 1

06-Jun, 10am - I was on leave, but I sent two monsters to baby sitter's house. As, Hubb and myself needed to pack the Bak Zhang at PIL's house and sent to office for those colleagues who ordered from me earlier. (I helped selling MIL homemade bak zhang to colleagues every year.)

After that, we went to collect the flowers accessories that I ordered last night. Without wasting anymore time, we went back to take the shower, took lunch at the restaurant which was the nearest to the baby sitter's house. Then, we went to pick up the two well-prepared monsters and started our journey to Teluk Batik.

2pm - After travelling about 1.45 hours, we finally reached the service apartment which was located opposite to the Teluk Batik beach. Hubb got the unit at 4th floor. When we got into the unit, April, May and myself were so excited to explore every corner of it.

This was an extra queen size bed which placed at the living hall.

This was the most enjoyable place for these 2 monsters - mini bath tube.

This was the dry kitchen. I actually brought the slow cooker to cook porridge for them on the following day.

This was another queen size bed inside the room.

The room was attached to bathroom.

6pm - I bought them to the beach after their nap, but they didn't seem to enjoy much. Especially May, she was so afraid of the crowd at the beach. I decided to bring them to the pool. Unfortunately, when I got them ready in their swim suits, then only I found out that the pool was closed at 7pm. Luckily, I could keep them satisfy and entertain with this mini bath tube.
8.30pm - Dinner time. The food were all Malay style and were all spicy. April and May could only take some steam egg and rice.

April and May at the lobby, while waiting for hubb to take the car and bring us to tour at Sitiawan.

Hubb got a voucher of RM100 from his badminton tournament. We utilised it to buy the Sleeping Beauty single bed sheet for April and 2 bras for myself. After shopping for a while, we went to have our supper as we didn't eat much at the dinner just now.

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Hawaiian Costume Contest

Tomorrow, we'll go to Teluk Batik at Lumut for hubb's company family day and sport carnival. There is a grand dinner on Saturday at the beach side. The theme of the dinner is Hawaiian. Hubby asked me to dress both our girls for the night. I cracked my head since yesterday. Yvonne suggested me to buy some raffia to make skirts. However, I really feel so lazy to invest my effort and time to do raffia skirts. Luckily I thought of April's old dresses that we already packed it and kept it in the storeroom some time ago.

Right after back from office, I quickly went to unpack those old cloths. I found them finally. Here they goes.

April's dress was bought in 2006 from our Phuket trip. After some ironing, it still looked quite good and suit for the Hawaiian night. I'll need to decorate her hair, hands and feet with some flowers accessories. I plan to order the flowers in ring from the Indian flower shop tonight.

As for May, the dress is not really suit the theme, though she looks cute in this dress. I guess I just need to put more accessories on her and try to make her look more fancy on the night. Please stay tune, I put up more photos after we return from the Hawaiian dinner.

I pray for good weather and good health on the trip. Bye, till we meet again.
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Eversince blogs and facebook have become a trend. Photos taking has also become part or our life. It was our working Saturday, Angeline was in the midst of closing the month-end finance accounting and yet able to squeeze some time to pose for the photos. See the proof as in the photos below. She is a humble, bright, joyful and happy go lucky mom. From her smiles, you know right? She is the only very close friend of mine from other department. I really enjoy our cherish moment together.

Mei is the youngest in my department. She joined us only last year, we sit just opposite to each other. She is very contrast to me. I am a chatter-box. I stay silence only when I am upset, sick or tire. She is so quiet, until I can hardly know how she feels about the things that happen around her. Sometimes, I may even concern that whether she is alright when the rest of us are so noisy, especially the boss is not around. Anyway, we cannot expect everyone is the same. She may like to keep things in herself. Though she seldom talks, she is nice and sweet young lady. Again, this is proved by the photos below. She is the one who helps me to save a lot in my hair cut. I can get a nice hair wash and cut with only RM5 now, after she recommended me to her hair stylist.

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