Happy Mid Autumn

I spent my Mid Autumn night with my two little angels, hubb, and family in laws. I bought a mango cheese flavour cake for hubb, as his birthday is a few days apart. Mother in law also prepared some special festive food for the evening, which included steamed peanuts, steamed yam, rock melon and other fruits. Whereas sister in law prepared jelly. Of course there are some moon cakes of HYT that bought by me a few days ago. We decorated the trees with some Japanese and traditional lanterns, while children were playing candles in front of the house.
Overall, I was happy to spend this special festive with my family.

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I Love You

I got a consolation prize of a RM5 voucher from AUGUST MERDEKA&BIRTHDAY CONTEST that had by Valuebookshop.

I used it to buy the book "No, David!" by David Shannon from Valuebookshop.

I read to April on the night when I received the book.
April listened and paid full attention while I was reading page by page.

  • "No, David," wails the off-stage mother, as David reaches for the cookie jar.
  • David has tracked mud into is living room.
  • "No! No! No!" as he makes a swamp out of the bathroom.
  • "Come back here, David!" as he runs naked down the street
  • " Not in the house, David!" as he was breaking household items while playing baseball inside the house.
  • "That's enough" stuff his mouth full of food.
  • "Settle down" he jumped on the bed.
  • etc.
  • Finally, a broken vase leads to banishment to a chair in the corner and a tear on the cheek, which leads to a motherly hug and the best affirmation of all? "Yes, David...I love you!"

When I read till the last page, I could feel that April was holding her breath. Her eyes became red, and she smiled and held my arm in both her hands. I'm glad that I have chosen the right book for her, as she has given me the most touching response.

Besides, the vigorous and wacky full-color acrylic paintings portray a lively and imaginative boy whose stick-figure body conveys every nuance of anger, exuberance, defiance, and, best of all, the reassurance of his mother's unconditional love. This book is perfect for reading aloud. Children age 3-4 will relish the deliciously bad behavior and the warm and cuddly conclusion.

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Nice Matters Award

Thanks to Joanne for giving me this memorable award.

The originator of this award says,“those that are just nice people, good blog friends, and those that inspire good feelings and inspiration! Those that care about others, that are there to lend support, or those that are just a positive influence in our blogging world!”

I will continue blogging after having this award.
Here I would like to award: Yvonne

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Missing U, Leslie

Leslie Cheung Kwok-Wing ( September 12 , 1956 – April 1 , 2003 )
Traditional Chinese : 張國榮 ; Simplified Chinese : 张国荣
The legend.
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Promoting Peace at Home

Today I have read a very useful article at Babyzone. I specially quoted the below paragraph to share with everyone who visit my blogs,and also serve as a good reminder to my hubb and myself.

The kids will always, whether they are 28-months-old or 28-years-old, desire your love, praise, and attention. Turn your energy into giving them that love, instead of worrying about which child used the other guy's crayons. As long as you treat them fairly, teach them how to be kind, considerate people, and let them know with every word, gesture, and smile that you love them unconditionally, you will be giving your children exactly what they need. And if what comes around goes around, they'll reciprocate that love, not only to you, but to their siblings as well.

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April Look-alikes Meter

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May Look-alikes Meter

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April's Bedtime Ritual

April has a bedtime ritual since she was a baby. I'm always the one who tuck her in every night. Only occasinally, her father is slotting in to this job.

09:30pm - 10:00pm : Brushing teeth; washing face, hands and legs;
changing into her pyjamas (she is capable to do it on her own now);
drawing a cross to mark the end of that day at the calendar on the wall;
taking her dummy out from the basket where her dummy always keep;
taking Zaditen and Prolactor for her allergy cough;

10:00pm - 10:30pm : Going upstair to our room;
getting one of her books and sitting on her potty for her businesses.
After we have settle our things downstair, we go to check on her.
Washing her pet pet after she has finished doing her businesses.

10:00pm - 11:00pm : Drinking 8oz milk (Sustagen Kid - vanila flavour) from her milk bottle,
and I read the book that she get while she was on her potty.
Thanks God, she can finish the milk in only 5mins time,
then she goes to her potty again for the last visit of her toilet.
I help her to wear her socks, then off the lamp.

Ooh! Not THE END yet! More to go.....

11:00pm - 11:30pm : Requesting mommy to narrate a virtual story from general topics to her,
eg, lantern get burn, boy bite by dogs, naughty boy at school,
good big sister at home, misbehaviour in the kitchen, genting trip,
drown in swimming pool, etc.
requesting mommy to sing 2 fixed lullabies, 好宝宝 and 妈妈好
(I don't know since when you have fixed these 2 lullabies only).
Then, one very last visit to her potty (I'm praying it is really the last round).

Finally..... THE END.

Mommy is really damn exhausted, and dozing off before you try to chat with me again.
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